Overnight Camping Overview

What is the camping program?
Any organized youth group of 10 or more can come on board the historic USS Yorktown for an amazing and unique overnight camping adventure. You will become one of the sailors as you sleep, eat and explore where they once lived.

Where will I sleep?
You will be sleeping where the sailors slept, in bunks on board the USS Yorktown. Don’t forget your pillow and sleeping bag!

Where will I eat?
Just like the sailors, you will be eating in the crew mess hall below deck on board the ship.

What will I do?
Not only do you get to explore the USS Yorktown, but you also get to see all the other Patriots Point exhibits! Step back in time with our Vietnam Experience Exhibit, climb aboard an unsinkable WWII destroyer, and squeeze your way through a Cold War submarine. Enjoy some War movies in our theater and don't forget to spend time learning in one of our educational programs! All of this is included in your camping price.

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  • You must have a total minimum number of 10 persons (youth and leaders) for each group.
  • All campers must be at least 6 years of age, with the majority of campers under the age of 18.
  • One adult must camp with each child between the ages of six and ten. Two adults must camp with every ten campers between the ages of eleven and seventeen.
  • Our berthing units are divided by gender. Camping groups need the appropriate number of female and male adults to accompany the female and male youth as outlined above.
  • NOTE: Patriots Point often hosts other events (banquets, ceremonies) that may occur alongside camping visits. It is quite possible that camping groups will be asked to avoid areas rented out by our other guests. Our staff will notify you ahead of time to inform you of other events occurring on the ship.

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