Tours & Exhibits

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Take any of the six tour routes and walk in the footsteps of YORKTOWN's sailors and officers as you tour the Flight Deck all the way down to the massive engine rooms that powered this great ship.


The many sacrifices Americans made serving our country are honored and recognized in individual memorials found throughout the ship.

Smokey Stover Theater

The theater regularly shows the 1944 Academy Award-winning movie "The Fighting Lady." It is climate controlled and seats up to 250 people.

Hangar Bays

The 40,000 square foot hangar deck was the YORKTOWN's "garage," where engineers performed most of the aircrafts' mechanical service and is now home to vintage aircraft and exhibits.

Apollo 8 Mission Exhibit

In 1968, the Apollo 8 was the first capsule to reach the vicinity of the moon. Upon its return to Earth, the YORKTOWN recovered the capsule from the Pacific Ocean. Inside the model capsule, guests experience what the mission was like for the astronauts.

Flight Simulator

This is a multi-sensory experience that combines a movie-like audiovisual presentation using a high-definition projection screen and surround-sound with motion from the ride vehicle.