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63rd Annual USS Yorktown CV-10 Association Reunion!

Waring Hills Oct 12, 2011

First USS Yorktown CV-10 Association meeting, April 15, 1948, in New York City at Ruppert's Brewery.

This week brings the USS Yorktown CV-10 Association to Patriots Point on Charleston Harbor for their sixty-third reunion on 13 October! Appropriately, Thursday is also the two hundred and thirty-sixth birthday of the United States Navy! Every year since 1948 a group of Navy veterans have gathered in the honored tradition of reuniting to remember and celebrate their years of service onboard “The Fighting Lady.” The first reunion was held in New York City five years after the ship’s commissioning on 15 April 1948 with guests of honor: Rear Admiral “Jocko” Clark (1st Commanding Officer), Rear Admiral Raoul Waller (1st Executive Officer) and Captain “Jimmy” Flatley (1st Air Group Commander).

Rear Admiral "Jocko" Clark, first commanding officer of Yorktown, speaks as the first guest of honor.

Through the years the Yorktown Association members have held their reunions at various cities and venues, until the USS Yorktown was permanently brought to Patriots Point in June 1975. Now every year in October the crew gather onboard the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point to reminisce. This year over 110 crewmembers with their families will gather onboard.  They will hold their annual meetings and banquet onboard, and will hold a “Meet and Greet” with the public on Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.  Below are a couple of famous guests of honor from past reunions.

Eleanor Roosevelt christened the USS Yorktown in 1943. She was guest of honor at the Yorktown Association Reunion in 1958.

President Gerald Ford admires the portrait of Jocko Clark along with Yorktown Association President Jim Bryan in the ship's wardroom. President Ford was the guest of honor for the 1978 reunion

Those attending this year’s reunion range from the original plank owners (original crew) of World War II service all the way up to the Vietnam years and the ship’s decommissioning in 1970. If you have a chance to come out and talk with Yorktown crew members at the “Meet & Greet,” you’ll hear stories to never forget. Patriots Point welcomes and salutes our returning crew, who served our nation faithfully and courageously. “Where do we get such men?”


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5 thoughts on “63rd Annual USS Yorktown CV-10 Association Reunion!

  1. Peter Samuelson says:

    Hello- I was at Patriots point yesterday with my mother and father. He was in CIC from 64-66 Vietnam era. His name was LTCDR Charles”Chick”Samuelson at that time and eventually retired as a commanderr after 26 years of service to the US Navy.He has very fond memories of the ship and great crew who served abord the “Fighting Lady”
    If anyone remembers my Dad ,I would love to hear from you.

    1. asmith says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your comment. We hope you enjoyed your visit yesterday! I will be glad to share your inquiry with the Director of the USS Yorktown (CV-10) Association, Todd Cummins. His membership consists of former crewmembers aboard ‘The Fighting Lady’ and I’m sure he would be glad to help reach people who knew your father.

      Thank you,
      Ashley Smith
      Public Information Officer

  2. Victoria Parent says:

    I have a Grandfather who just passed away who served on the Yorktown in 1943-1945, Norman Parent. He was a great man and told so many stories about being aboard the fighting lady. If anybody knew my grandfather, I would definitely love to hear from you. I also can’t wait to be able to visit the Yorktown, I’m hoping sometime next year.

  3. I couldn’t find ur phone to report my missing
    The reunion due to illness my family included.
    I will miss seeing everyone,God Bless!!
    Ed Joyeusaz (K S ,’46)


    1. Chris Hauff says:

      We are very sorry to hear that Ed. We hope you recover and come see us again next year.

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