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Day After Laffey’s Return

Waring Hills Jan 26, 2012

Last night the pier section that had been removed, was returned to position after Laffey's arrival.

Power workers are busy working on restoring electrical power to the ship and we are busy getting ready to open back up to the public. It will be a little longer to prep Laffey for visitors, but not much longer. Here are images showing the new positioning at Patriots Point and we look forward to getting back into our usual business of education, patriotism, preserving our nation’s heritage and stories of freedom… and the wonder of it all.

The Laffey's new berth with Charleston Harbor Resort in the background.


Clamagore riding in her new berth next to the Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina and Castle Pinckney (War of 1812) in the background.


View Laffey, the sail of Clamagore (center) and the Yorktown together in this shot.


The new ship profiles from shore!


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4 thoughts on “Day After Laffey’s Return

  1. Dale M. Prince says:

    She looks Great, Wish I could have been there. Hope to see Her again soon.

    Dale Prince

  2. Shawn Lanier says:

    After watching a show or two on Military Channel and/or Military History about the Laffey, I was excited to hear its a naval museum. To find out the Yorktown, Clamgore and others are there sealed the deal for a family trip to SC for tours. Thank you for the opportunities to see these historical ships. They look great in pictures so I am excited to see them “live”.

    1. patriotspoint says:

      Thank you! We look forward to welcoming you to Patriots Point.

  3. mary gott says:

    She rests in a place of honor! Your photos and information are well appreciated.
    I can’t wait to visit! My father, Herschel V. Sellers was a commander aboard The Laffey. He passed away in May 2011 at 93 yrs. I speak for him …”Long live The Laffey!”

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