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End of the Airship Era, 1959?

Waring Hills Nov 30, 2010

Hangar 1 at NAS Glynco, Georgia, built for air ships.

On 30 November 1959, the Airship Training Group at Naval Air Station (NAS) Glynco, Georgia, was decommissioned, bringing an end to lighter-than-air training in the United States Navy.  Click on this link to learn more about the history of Navy airships…

One of the two larger airship hangars at NAS Glynco.

NAS Glynco was constructed in World War II and featured two blimp hangars that measured 1000 feet long, 300 feet wide and 200 feet tall. They were badly damaged by Hurricane Dora in 1964 and were finally demolished in 1971.

Despite the break in history of airships flying for the United States Navy, a future comeback for airships is still possible, read this story at Popular Mechanics and realize some young boy or girl may dream of one day wearing Navy wings of gold and flying an amazing airship with updated technology!

Read another more detailed look at possible military applications for airships here…

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3 thoughts on “End of the Airship Era, 1959?

  1. Charles Randy Brown says:

    On or about 16Feb1959 . My wife’s cousin was crewmember on a retiring blimp which crashed entourage from Glynco to LAKEHURST. Can find no military/navy record. CN you help?


    I believe you are referring to an airship assigned to ZP-2 which crashed during night hours in the Carolinas while enroute to Lakehurst, NJ.
    I was a pilot in ZP-2 at the time of the crash.

    1. Charles Randy Brown says:

      Thank you for responding. No doubt we are on the same crash. My service was USAF so I struggle with some Navy terms. USN , AIRSHIPRON TWO is the last official stated assignment for “Buddy” Howard on the DA1815. I routinely lookup civilian aviation accidents report findings on NTSB or similar sites. This accident was 17Feb59 which was 10years before I married into the family. All this to say I’m just curious about this accident and not morbid. I think the fateful ship was trailing in a flight of two. The lead apparently continued to LAKEHURST unaware they had crashed in the dark. I think there were two squadrons at Glynco. Would ZP-2 be aka AIRSHIPRON TWO? If so you might know the tail number or point me toward an official report? Been fascinated with airships since I found the hall at PNS Navy Air Museum. Thanks for your service this Veterans Day week.

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