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First Seaplane (Hydroaeroplane) Flight 1911!

Waring Hills Jan 26, 2011


Glenn Curtiss (1878-1930)

Today one hundred years ago, Glenn Curtiss made the first successful seaplane or as known then, hydroaeroplane, at North Island, San Diego, California. Navy Lieutenant T. G. Ellyson was a witness and helped Curtiss prepare for the first seaplane flight.

The United States Navy would buy its first seaplane, the Curtiss A-1 in July 1911.

Below are a takeoff and landing of a replica Curtiss A-1 built for the Curtiss Centennial this year, watch and imagine the wonder of yesteryear!

…and here is what happens if you make a BAD seaplane landing, well I guess any landing you can swim away or paddle away from is a sort of good landing!

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2 thoughts on “First Seaplane (Hydroaeroplane) Flight 1911!

  1. Walter Livingstone says:

    I have a picture of my father, Walter Livingstone, standing next to a Hydroaeroplane on a dock in New York. He wrote the


    “This is a hydroaeroplane which was down this year. It can go on water or air. When it first came down he had a spill in the Meadows. After he left he had a spill in Atlantic City & now has given it up. His name is Reid. There was another Aeroplane down here too this year.”

    we are unable to estimate the date of this picture. He lived in New York until 1918.

    Curtiss Seaplane (Hydroaeroplane), Curtiss Engine about 1914-1916. Mfd Hammondsport, N.Y. Glenn Curtiss

    Where can I mail a copy of this picture to obtain additional information.

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