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Laffey Plans To Return Next Week, 22-27 January

Waring Hills Jan 20, 2012

Laffey eased away from the Detyen's shipyard facilities on 11 January 2010 at 1300.

True to her wartime name, “The Ship That Would Not Die,” the famous World War II destroyer Laffey will return to life as a museum ship sometime during the week of January 22-27th. The Laffey was moved from Detyen’s Shipyard last January to a pier on Shipyard Creek and now her return is in sight! The museum will be closed from Sunday, 22 January, until its tentative reopening on Saturday, 28 January, due to the movement of submarine Clamagore and return of destroyer Laffey.

When she returns next week, there will be many ageing destroyermen from the Laffey Association, Tin Can Sailors and other former sailors who will converge at Patriots Point to welcome her home. One of them from the Laffey Association will be Lee Hunt from James Island, who is one of only about 20 World War II Laffey crew members still alive today. They have been calling the museum daily and making plans to get to South Carolina as they remember their past service. Their service speaks to all Americans of sacrifice, and duty. It is a service that honors our nation as we fight against terrible odds on terrible days, and it is a service that gives us hope for the future of our nation and future generations.

After five months of dry-dock repairs at Detyen's Shipyards, the famed World War II destroyer Laffey is pushed by tugboats Monday to the State Ports Authority's Pier November last year.

Patriots Point will welcome Laffey back with a special ceremony in early Spring after her return. Indeed, the nation should welcome her back as a living legacy of our dedication to freedom and our veterans.

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5 thoughts on “Laffey Plans To Return Next Week, 22-27 January

  1. Doris Asbell says:

    I am thrilled that this old gal is coming back- my Uncle Ralph Peterson served as the firefighter when she was attacked by the Japanese. He is no longer with us but my brother and I will visit the Laffey this summer in his honor!! Thank you for the repairs!!!

    1. Dick Radder says:

      This is great news! My father, Glen Radder, left us last March. He was extremely proud of his and all the other’s, on board, services and actions on the Laffey in WWII. There were many off board experiences also that he spoke of, but that’s another area. The entire country needs the Laffey and the reminders of how young men are willing to put all they have, their lives, on the line at a time when needed. WWII was definitely that time. I cannot make it there at this time, but hope to again in the future. I cherish my previous visits and thank all those who are now dedicating their time and services to keeping the Laffey Afloat. God Bless and Thanks to all of you!!!!!

  2. Sonny Walker says:

    As president of the USS LAFFEY Association it will be our pleasure to be at Patriots Point to see our lady returned to her home.
    There will be many of us former crew members present when she comes back. I hope there will be many visitors to watch this great event. Stop by and see us on the parking lot. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have about the ship.

  3. Walter H Harrington says:

    On your recent write up on the Laffey you made one BIG mistake. How was it you never mentioned my war that we fought in The Korean War. The Laffey was there also and was involved in the biggest ship to shore of any ship in the Korea War. I guess that is why we have the name “The Forgotten War” Thanks anyway there are people that care. Walt Harrington, We Korean shipmates have been helping to restore “Her” since the middle 80’s.

  4. Tom Klett says:

    Welcome home to OUR LADY!!!! Thank God to South Carolina Patriot’s Point, USS Laffey Association, etc. Tom Klett and Nancy Dittman

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