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Laffey’s Shipyard Visit 2009 – Recap #2

Waring Hills Jan 09, 2012

As we prepare for Laffey’s return in two weeks…lets take a look back at Laffey’s visit and repair work at Deteyen’s Shipyard back in 2009. Below are images of Laffey being worked on in drydock…see more on our Flickr site

Laffey on the floating drydock at Detyens (old Charleston Navy Base).

Laffey on the floating drydock at Detyens (old Charleston Navy Base).



Holes and damage to hull of the Laffey.

Holes and damage to hull of the Laffey.




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4 thoughts on “Laffey’s Shipyard Visit 2009 – Recap #2

  1. Gary Bullington says:

    I was a Vietnam era naval officer and served on the USS Mansfield (DD 728 – Summner Class destroyer) from 1967 to 1969.During Mansfield’s two year deployment with Desron 9 in Westpac, the ship fired over 40,000 5″ rounds and was an initial destroyer participating in Operation Sea Dragon (North Vietnam).A group of former officers (9-10)that served together on Mansfield has remained connected and periodically meets. I request that someone from the Museum contact me with an informational update on the availability of the USS Laffey for a special tour by our group. We would like to wait until the “complete renovation of the ship” is complete.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Gary J Bullington
    425/201-1213 (Office)
    206/999-3051 (Cell)

    1. Waring Hills says:

      Hi Gary,

      I have forwarded your request to our staff. Let me know if you don’t receive a call by next week.

      Butch Hills 843-881-5931

  2. Sonja Walton says:

    I would like to plan a visit to Charleston soon. Please let me know when the USS Laffey will be available for tours. I have been waiting to visit until she is back at Patriots Point.

    Sonja Walton

  3. Rob Wood says:

    I’m preparing to build a 1:96 scale model of Laffey in her current configuration. Three questions:
    1. Does Laffey’s current configuration match any particular years/s of service?
    2. Are there plans or blueprints available for Laffey’s current configuration?
    3. I visited Laffey in the Fall of 2008, prior to her dry-dock overhaul. I took hundreds of photos. Was anything changed in her fittings or superstructure during dry-docking?


    Rob Wood

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