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Laundry Exhibit To Open Friday, August 30

Holly Jackson Aug 26, 2013


For the first time ever, Patriots Point visitors will have the opportunity to visit the laundry room of the USS Yorktown, where roughly 360 loads of clothes were washed per day.  Thanks to a grant from the Society for Industrial Archeology out of the University of Michigan, Museum Services staff of Patriots Point has spent the past three months renovating the area.  Grant funding assisted in the cost of abatement, painting, professional cleaning services and the addition of tile, railing, signage, display features, and sound effects. Visitors can see the machines used to wash, dry and iron uniforms and the presses used specifically for cuffs and pants pleats.


“It’s interesting to see how the laundry workers kept up with it all, “ Mac Burdette, Executive Director of Patriots Point, said.  “If anyone is feeling overwhelmed with the growing piles of laundry at home, take a break and come see this.  You’ll feel better it’s not the dirty clothes of  more than 2,000 people waiting by your washer,” he said.

The exhibit is located on the 4th deck of the USS Yorktown and is part of Tour 1.  It officially opens for visitors Friday, August 30.


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