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Seagoing Marines onboard Yorktown

Waring Hills Oct 23, 2009

A contingent of the United States Seagoing Marine Association boarded Yorktown for a reunion on Wednesday, 21 October. They are Marines who served on ships at sea.  In the picture below are six former Marines who served onboard the USS Yorktown pictured in the Marine Detachment spaces on the 2nd deck of Yorktown (CV-10), from right to left are: Richard “Dick” Wilson from Ohio (1956-57 service), Ron Dirkes from Oregon (1956-57), Ray DeGroot from Illinois (1956-57), Robert Sollon from Virginia (1965-67), Ed Zastrow from Alaska (1956-57) and George Bliss from California (1956-58).

Seagoing Marines who served proudly on the USS Yorktown, CV-10.

Seagoing Marines who served proudly on the USS Yorktown, CV-10.

Dick Wilson told me one story of when they were in the Formosa Straits during the tense days of the standoff with the Red Chinese. The Seventh Fleet commander was Vice Admiral Wallace M. Beakley (seen below). One day the admiral asked his Marine orderly, “Corporal, how many Marines are on the Yorktown?” The corporal answered, “Ninety-two Marines, sir!” “How many sailors are on the Yorktown, corporal?” “Over 3000, sir!” “How do the Marines get along with that many sailors?” “Sir, the sailors have to get along with us!”

(From Life Magazine)

(From Life Magazine)

Thanks to our seagoing Marines for their service at sea, Semper Fi!

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10 thoughts on “Seagoing Marines onboard Yorktown

  1. royrosenquest says:

    From: Roy, I was looking for info about Mike Galloway and came across this. Mike Galloway, Karl Olaf Stahl and I took the train from San Diego to San Francisco and joined the Marine detachment aboard the Yorktown in late summer or very early fall 1957 at Alameda. Ofcourse, we then sailed to Bremerton where the ship underwent conversion from CVA to CVS. I eventually became orderly to Captain Jacob Cobb. I was on the bridge when we entered Pearl Harbour, summmer of 1958. I remember Corporal George Bliss.

    1. Ronald Shail says:

      Mike and I served as orderlies on the fighting lady he worked for commander Greenlee and I worked for Capt P.F. Bedell,1957- was transferred too Washington and I then went on to work with his replacement. Mike left the ship before I did and we lost touch of each other until i went too El Toro Ca. for seperations. I had heard that Mike had shipped over and was stationed there and was on a crash crew. Well we got back together and ran wild for about 18 days. Mike was married and had a baby girl and lived in Escondito Ca while serving in the Air Wing. I tried several time to connect with him but no luck. If you have made contact with him I would like to here from you. rshail407@comcast.net

  2. jean rosenquest says:

    Roy..is this the Roy Rosenquest from Pittsburgh Pa? Hope you are well!!

    1. Jerry Wheatley says:

      I went aboard The USS York Town C.V.A 10 assigned to the Marine Detachment at Puget sound ship yards, Washington and then sailed to Bangor Washington to load up on Ammo and supplies for our trip to San Francisco. The West Pac cruise was very nice. Hawaii, Pearl Harbor. Yokuska, Japan, Philippines, Hong

      kong. And then back to Frisco and readied for another Oriental cruise. I changed to the USS Wasp Headed back to San Diego Where we geared up and headed around Cape Horn and up the east coast with a load of Automobiles heading for Boston Mass.Via Panama, Valperaizo. Chile. Lima Peru. Rio De Janriro, Bermuda and spent until February in Boston. 2 good cruises and then 2 more years 1st Marines at Camp Penleton, Cal. Got to go

      1. George Sparks says:

        Jerry, this is Sparks. USMC at camp Pendleton about 1977 or so. IM a military contractor now. If your the right Jerry Wheatley, give me a call at 609-805-6767

  3. Harry D Ticknor says:

    I served on her on her last official cruise. cpl. H.D. Ticknor

  4. ron peterson says:

    i served aboard the us yorktown and then the use hornet as part of the detachment in ’66 and ’67. i was an orderly for the cmdr. of anti-submarine warfare gru 3. both were navy rear-admirals. i am in pleasant hill iowa. from standing on yellow footprints at San Diego to sea school also at San Diego, anyone else remember? my next assignment was at camp pendelton, 1st battalion, 28th regiment, 5th division. after TET began, parts of unit sent to Nam.

  5. Dan says:

    I did….68 Norfolk ! Last Cruise ! Semper Fi !

  6. Dan says:

    Buzzed by a Russian Bomber toward the Artic…any one remember ?

    Cpl. H.D. Ticknor USMC CVS Yorktown !

  7. Ronald Shail says:

    Roy Rosenqrest please get hold of me about Mike Galloway and where he is today!!

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