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  • Video Thursday 1.20.11

    It’s Video Thursday and if you haven’t read or seen the news today, Patriots Point is going to try to interest the Boeing Company in joining us here on Charleston […]

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  • Naval Academy Women's Glee Club To Perform At Patriots Point, 17 January

    The Naval Academy Women’s Glee Club first pitched a tune in 1976, when the Naval Academy opened for women midshipmen. The current director is Ms. Cindy Bauchspies and the ladies […]

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  • Navy Altitude Record 1915

    On 03 December 1915, Naval Aviator #14 Lieutenant Richard C. Saufley set an American altitude record flying the Curtiss AH-14 to 11,975 feet over Pensacola, Florida. Saufley was a member […]

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  • Father of Naval Aviation Birthdate

    Today is the birthday of the naval officer who was able to foresee a power air arm of the United States Navy. William Adger Moffett was born in Charleston, South […]

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  • The Whale in Vietnam

    Our newest aircraft the Douglas A-3D, Skywarrior aka Whale, served during the Vietnam War. Its primary mission in the EA-3 variant was to warn Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force […]

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  • USNA '73 Reunion

    Last Saturday, 17 July, Patriots Point was the site of a reunion for five members of the United States Naval Academy Class of 1973. Their service in the United States […]

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