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The Syfy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” To Offer Glimpse Into Paranormal Side Of The USS YORKTOWN At Patriots Point

patriotspoint May 01, 2012

Are the spirits of past heroes still on duty aboard the USS YORKTOWN?  Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum invites you to tune into a special hour-long episode of the SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” on Wednesday, May 2 at 9 p.m., where you’ll have an opportunity to decide for yourself.

“We hold the men who served and died aboard the USS YORKTOWN in the highest esteem and we would never, ever do anything to disrespect their service.” said Patriots Point Executive Director Mac Burdette.  “While we were intrigued at the notion of paranormal activity aboard ‘The Fighting Lady,’ our first priority was to make certain that any investigation was handled in a manner that was respectful of the service and sacrifice of the men who served aboard her. After much consideration and research, we were confident that the Ghost Hunters team would treat the YORKTOWN and her crew with great respect. The TAPS crew [The Atlantic Paranormal Society] was absolutely wonderful, and displayed great patriotic respect throughout the filming.”

The crew from TAPS, including Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, spent several nights aboard the USS YORKTOWN in early February.  During this time, the ship was closed to the public – there were no overnight campers or hosted events, only Patriots Point security was allowed on the property, and all power to the ship was completely shut off.

“Over the years, we have received a number of reports of unexplainable noise, sightings and activities from visitors to our ship, employees and area law enforcement officers,” added Burdette.  “I can’t divulge whether or not TAPS found anything; but I can tell you that their staff said their visit provided some of the most compelling evidence they’ve seen in the history of the program.  We hope everyone in South Carolina will tune in to watch.”

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One thought on “The Syfy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” To Offer Glimpse Into Paranormal Side Of The USS YORKTOWN At Patriots Point

  1. bob acheson says:

    trere’s an old building in graniteville mas my daughter, my employee and i both had ciontact with a spirit sevral years ago. an old employee had eapierience had a similar contact

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