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Video Thursday: Happy 236th Birthday United States Navy!

Waring Hills Oct 13, 2011

Today marks the 236th birthday of the United States Navy! Our Video Thursday will offer up several videos in honor of our nation’s Navy, and the men and women who have served faithfully and honorably to keep America safe. Go Navy!

First video is the official Navy song, Anchors Aweigh. It was composed by Lt. Charles A. Zimmerman, bandmaster of the Naval Academy, in 1906; the lyrics were written by Midshipman Alfred H. Miles. It was first performed at the Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia that year (Navy beat Army 10-0!); lyrics are below and enjoy this classic American song!

Anchors Aweigh (1906 version)
Stand Navy out to sea, Fight our Battle Cry;
We’ll never change our course, So vicious foe steer shy-y-y-y.
Roll out the TNT, Anchors Aweigh. Sail on to Victory
And sink their bones to Davy Jones, Hooray!

Anchors Away, my boys, Anchors Aweigh.
Farewell to foreign shores, We sail at break of day-ay-ay-ay.
Through our last night on shore, Drink to the foam,
Until we meet once more. Here’s wishing you a happy voyage home.

Blue of the Mighty Deep; Gold of God’s Sun
Let these colors be till all of time be done, done, done,
On seven seas we learn Navy’s stern call:
Faith, Courage, Service true, with Honor, Over Honor, Over All.

Anchors Aweigh

Here is a video produced by the Navy, great job in putting it together! Our Navy is the most powerful force on earth.

Whether protecting the ideals of our nation or soothing the suffering of another, there is no place on earth we can’t be found. For we are an undeniable force. To be counted upon. To be reckoned with. But most of all, never ever to be underestimated.

Lastly we end with this rendition of the Navy Hymn, Eternal Father Strong To Save, dedicated to our past, present and future Navy.

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