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Video Thursday: Robotics II

Waring Hills Oct 06, 2011

Similar to the robot seen above, the U.S. Navy has given iRobot Corp. its first order for robots (Photo iRobot)

Last Video Thursday we looked at robotics and how scouts have a new merit badge program for it. Today we’ll look at how robotics are going to change the Navy with a few videos showing the state of the art in robotics…drone technology. Read more about the Navy contract with iRobot here

First we’ll look at unmanned helicopter development…

Lockheed Martin-Kaman\’s unmanned helicopter successfully completing the Navy\’s Quick Reaction Assessment.

Here we have a United States Navy video showing Second Class Petty Officer, EOD specialist, Nichole Robinette using a robot to disarm and destroy enemy ordnance…

The last video from the Office of Naval Research shows how robots are being used for their purposes, but you can also imagine the possibilities…as there are unmanned aircraft, one day there will also be unmanned submarines…

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