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Video Thursday: Submarines!

Waring Hills Oct 20, 2011

USS Annapolis SSN-760

Following up on the Clamagore crew reunion this week at Patriots Point, we’re showing submarine videos today as our theme. Matter of fact the crew of Clamagore will be touring the first successful combat submarine, H. L. Hunley, while they are in town. Enjoy the submarine videos below! Patriots Point salutes our U. S. Navy submarine force, past, present and future!

Here’s a unique look through a periscope as a submarine dives!

USS Alexandria SSN-757 breaks thru ice in the Artic.

Submariners say there are two types of ships: submarines and targets, here is why you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a Mark 48 torpedo!

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One thought on “Video Thursday: Submarines!

  1. I found you by the return of the Laffy on the web.
    I’m making plans to come and see Pat’s Point.
    The web site is the Indiana War Memorial, and the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) radio room re-creation installed and operated by the local amateur radio operators.
    It is a tribute to the men of the Indianapolis, surviving and those lost at sea, and all that served.

    Keep up the great work! Ed N9IZN

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