65th Annual Yorktown Reunion a Success

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What a joy it was to have veterans of the USS Yorktown together for the 65th annual Yorktown Association Reunion October 2-5.  The weekend was filled with smiles, memories, laughter and a few tears.  Enjoy some photos below from the weekend.  You can also check out our Facebook page for more photos.  Find us at www.facebook.com/patriotspoint.org

131003_YT65th_Memorial_006 131003_YT65th_Memorial_009 131003_YT65th_Memorial_010 131003_YT65th_Memorial_011 131003_YT65th_Memorial_013 131003_YT65th_Memorial_014 131003_YT65th_Memorial_018 131003_YT65th_Memorial_019 131003_YT65th_Memorial_020 131003_YT65th_Memorial_004 131003_YT65th_Memorial_005

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One thought on “65th Annual Yorktown Reunion a Success

  1. Served only one tour on the Lady with VS-23 and have been proud of that fact ever since 1960. I would love to see her again. Never understood why she wasn’t converted to a museum on the West Coast

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