USS Yorktown CV-10 Keel Laid, 70 Years Ago Today!

Today seventy years ago, the keel of the USS Yorktown was laid at Newport News Shipbuilding, not far from the battle site of Yorktown, Virginia. The mighty Fighting Lady (nickname given by her crew in World War II) is now a museum ship fighting the ravages of time instead of the Imperial Japanese Navy, and […]

Pearl Harbor Day Events At Patriots Point

Next Wednesday marks the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the entrance of the United States into World War II. Just recently, historian Craig Shirley in his new book, December 1941, noted that President Franklin Roosevelt and his war cabinet had considered declaring war against Japan, Germany and Italy on the night […]

Naval Aviator Richard Byrd Makes 1st Flight Over The South Pole, 1929.

In 1928, Edsel Ford donated a Ford Tri-Motor airplane to Commander Richard E. Byrd, polar explorer and naval aviator, which would be used to attempt the first flight over the South Pole.  Ford had previously assisted Byrd with an aircraft for his flight over the North Pole in 1927. Byrd would name the Ford Tri-Motor […]

Bathtub & Torpedo, Republicans and the Tehran Conference

On 28 November 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Premier Joseph Stalin and Prime Minister Winston Churchill met for a series of talks at the Soviet Embassy in Tehran, Iran. The Tehran Conference was held to plan final strategy in the war against Hitler’s Germany and its allies, and the primary discussion centered on opening a […]

Video Thursday: First US Navy Carrier, USS Langley CV-1, Eighty-Seven Years Ago!

On 17 November 1924, USS Langley (CV-1) reported for duty with the United States Navy’s Battle Fleet after two years in experimental status, thus becoming the Navy’s  first operational aircraft carrier. Head of the Bureau of Naval Aeronautics was Rear Admiral William Adger Moffett who had pushed for the development of the Navy’s new air […]

Hydraulic Catapults Enter Navy Service 1934

Notice the two catapult tracks on the flight deck of USS Enterprise. On 15 November 1934, the Bureau of Naval Aeronautics established plans to install hydraulic, flush-deck catapults on the USS Yorktown (CV-5) and USS Enterprise (CV-6). The Type H, Mark I catapult was manufactured by the Naval Aircraft Factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was […]

Video Thursday: USMC Birthday & Veterans Day Tribute

Today marks the 236th birthday of our amazing Marine Corps, Happy Birthday Marines! Our videos today will celebrate their heritage and service to the nation and as tomorrow is Veterans Day, our last video is a tribute to all veterans from 1775 to 2011. Thanks for your selfless sacrifice to our nation… 2011 Veterans Day […]

Naval Air & The Berlin Airlift

The Navy transferred two of its MATS (Military Air Transport Service) squadrons to assist in Operation Vittle on 09 November 1948. The Navy played a vital role in the Berlin Airlift, Operation Vittles,  with the transfer of the two VR squadrons.  VR-6 was attached to the 513th Troop Carrier Group and VR-8 was attached to […]

Letter Identification For Naval And Marine Aircraft 1946

  Sixty-five years ago today, the Navy adopted a letter identification system for marking all Navy and Marine Corps aircraft,  including those belonging to the Naval Air Training Command and the Naval Air Reserve. In Carrier Air Wing tail codes, the first letter denotes which fleet the Air Wing deploys from; A for Atlantic Fleet […]

Veterans Day Weekend At Patriots Point

Veterans Day Weekend events begin Friday, 11 November, with a patriotic concert by the Charleston Community Band in Hangar Bay III onboard the famous USS Yorktown (CV-10). Charleston Community Band performs on Carolina Day at White Point Gardens. They will perform from 2 to 3 pm. Listen to them perform “Armed Forces Salute” here… Run […]