The First Air Admiral

Rear Admiral William Adger Moffett, The Father of Naval Aviation Today is the birthday of the naval officer who was able to foresee a powerful air arm of the United States Navy. William Adger Moffett was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on 31 October 1869. He was the son of Confederate Captain George Hall Moffett, […]

Video Thursday: Ghost Ships

Welcome to Video Thursday! This week on the eve of Halloween and the kickoff of USS Yorktown Ghost Ship tour our theme is ghost ships, enjoy the videos and stories below! …and come on out to our ghost ship this weekend! Here’s a look at the most famous ghost ship, The Flying Dutchman! Here’s a […]

Dark Days In October 1962


On 24 October 1962, President John F. Kennedy imposed a military quarantine on the island nation of Cuba.  Enforcing the blockade were the U. S. Navy attack carriers USS Enterprise CVAN-65 and Independence CVA-62, along with anti-submarine carriers USS Essex CVS-9 and Randolph CVS-15. Service tours of officers and enlisted were extended definitely as it […]

Video Thursday: Submarines!

Following up on the Clamagore crew reunion this week at Patriots Point, we’re showing submarine videos today as our theme. Matter of fact the crew of Clamagore will be touring the first successful combat submarine, H. L. Hunley, while they are in town. Enjoy the submarine videos below! Patriots Point salutes our U. S. Navy […]

Clamagore Association Reunion Saturday, 22 October

This Saturday over 200 former crew members and family from the USS Clamagore SS343 Veterans Association will gather on the pier next to their boat (submarine) at Patriots Point to hold a memorial ceremony as part of their annual crew reunion. Their memorial program begins at 11 AM. The former crew members began arriving today […]

USS Yorktown CV-10 Association “Meet And Greet” Tomorrow 15 October

Yorktown Meet and Greet, Saturday 02 October 2010

Last years Yorktown Meet and Greet, Saturday 02 October 2010 Former crew members of the USS Yorktown will hold a “Meet and Greet” tomorrow, Saturday, 15 October 2011, for visitors onboard.  They will talk about their service on the “Fighting Lady” and sign limited edition posters of the USS Yorktown in its World War II, […]

Video Thursday: Happy 236th Birthday United States Navy!

Today marks the 236th birthday of the United States Navy! Our Video Thursday will offer up several videos in honor of our nation’s Navy, and the men and women who have served faithfully and honorably to keep America safe. Go Navy!

63rd Annual USS Yorktown CV-10 Association Reunion!

This week brings the USS Yorktown CV-10 Association to Patriots Point on Charleston Harbor for their sixty-third reunion on 13 October! Appropriately, Thursday is also the two hundred and thirty-sixth birthday of the United States Navy!

USS Yorktown, CV-5, Commissioned 1937

On 30 September 1937, the USS Yorktown (CV-5) was commissioned at Norfolk, Virginia, commanded by Captain E. D. McWhorter, United States Navy.