Navy v. South Carolina: Connections and Surprises

This weekend the Naval Academy plays the University of South Carolina in football on ESPN. Names at the Naval Academy associated with great men and events such as Bainbridge, Decatur, Farragut, Hull, Porter and Rodgers were once led by a South Carolinian, Paul Hamilton.

Patriot Day At Patriots Point: The Power Of Memory

Yesterday a crowd of 700-800 people silently watched and listened in Hangar Bay 3 on the USS Yorktown as over 9,000 names were read aloud. The names included all those who died on 9/11/01 and members of our armed forces killed in the War on Terror since 2001.

Video Thursday: Patriot Day Remembrances

This Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America and the beginning of the War on Terror.  Since that date in 2001 over 9000 Americans have lost their lives in the terrorist attack that September day and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Join us on the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point […]

Carolina's First Ship With Colonists: Adventure

Lots of sights can be seen from the flight deck of Yorktown at Patriots Point…dolphins, manatees, alligators, C-17’s, Blue Angels, the Hunley…but today a replica of the proprietary colony of Carolina’s first sailing vessel could be see from our World War II aircraft carrier’s flight deck. Above is a replica of Adventure, a 17th century […]

Gemini 5 Splashes Down 1965

Gemini 5 splashed down in the Atlantic just 90 miles off her intended target on 29 August 1965. The USS Lake Champlain was the recovery ship for the astronaut crew of Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad. Gordon Cooper was from Shawnee, Oklahoma, and was a Life Scout and Air Force pilot. Charles “Pete” Conrad was […]

Navy's First Rigid Airship Crashes 1921

After World War I, the United States Navy decided to add rigid airships to its fleet and originally pursued acquiring German Zeppelins as part of the wartime reparations. However, all Zeppelins were deliberately destroyed by their crews in 1919. Due to the new postwar economy, the Royal Navy cancelled the building of its R-38 airship […]

Lost Cold War Aviators August 1956

On 22 August 1956 a P4M Mercator on night patrol flying 32 miles off the Chinese coast in international waters reported being under attack. Wreckage and the bodies of two Navy flyers were located, but none of the sixteen crew members survived. The American crew members killed were: LCDRs Milton Hutchinson and J.W. Ponsford; LTJGs […]

First Tartar Missile Kill 1958

The first successful firing of a Tartar surface to air missile took place at the Naval Ordnance Test Station, China Lake, California on 19 August 1958 and it destroyed a target consisting of a F-6F drone. The birth of the Tartar, Terrier and Talos missiles began with Operation Bumblebee,  a secret Navy program which took […]

Part II: Colonel Charles "Chuck" Murray's Story Of His Hero

Here is the rest of Colonel Murray’s story…read here if you missed the first part… He knew that this bridge like the first would be mined. Lt. Murray considered using the rubber boats, but quickly discarded that idea as it would take too long and he didn’t have the time. The planks were a possible […]