USS Yorktown CV-10 Association “Meet And Greet” Tomorrow 15 October

Yorktown Meet and Greet, Saturday 02 October 2010

Last years Yorktown Meet and Greet, Saturday 02 October 2010 Former crew members of the USS Yorktown will hold a “Meet and Greet” tomorrow, Saturday, 15 October 2011, for visitors onboard.  They will talk about their service on the “Fighting Lady” and sign limited edition posters of the USS Yorktown in its World War II, […]

63rd Annual USS Yorktown CV-10 Association Reunion!

This week brings the USS Yorktown CV-10 Association to Patriots Point on Charleston Harbor for their sixty-third reunion on 13 October! Appropriately, Thursday is also the two hundred and thirty-sixth birthday of the United States Navy!

Governor Mitt Romney Speaks Onboard Yorktown

Every Presidential campaign since 2000 has brought candidates for President to the USS Yorktown for photo and speaking events. Yesterday, former Massachusetts’ Governor Mitt Romney spoke to a small group of veterans on the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point at 2 PM.

Video Thursday: Robotics II

Last Video Thursday we looked at robotics and how scouts have a new merit badge program for it. Today we’ll look at how robotics are going to change the Navy with a few videos showing the state of the art in robotics…drone technology.

Former Volunteer Headed For Navy Flight Training!

Over six years ago, a Navy sailor from the Nuclear Power Training Center in Charleston showed up on the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point and asked if he could volunteer. Frank Napier from Mesa, Arizona, was a young sailor away from home, with time on his hands and a fascination with the old Essex class carrier.

Video Thursday – Auroras

One sees lots of strange sights flying at night, but one of the most beautiful and mysterious displays are the polar auroras. Aurora Borealis in the northern latitudes and Aurora Australis in the southern latitudes.

Open-Cockpit Sunday October 9th At Patriots Point

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be involved in something greater than one’s self? Have you ever wanted to climb into a Navy cockpit and imagine being a Naval Aviator and flying at Top Gun? Sunday, 09 October, is your chance to fulfill a dream!

Patriots Point Volunteer Profile: Ned Montgomery

Our volunteer profile for September is on Ned Montgomery. Ned grew up in Mount Pleasant, SC…so he is one of our few natives on Yorktown. His father, Lieutenant Colonel Hampden Eugene Montgomery Jr., was a career Army officer.

Video Thursday: Robotics

Robotics has become a new technology wave for future applications. It has even become a new scouting merit badge and will be taught soon to scouts camping on board the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point as part of the merit badge package offered to our scouts.

CrossFit Garage Games On Yorktown’s Flightdeck Saturday

This weekend will see the first South Carolina Garage Games series event hosted by CrossFit Integrity. This CrossFit event will be a two-day competition held in Charleston, South Carolina on September 24-25, 2011.