CrossFit Garage Games On Yorktown’s Flightdeck Saturday

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This weekend will see the first South Carolina Garage Games series event hosted by CrossFit Integrity. This CrossFit event will be a two-day competition held in Charleston, South Carolina on September 24-25, 2011. The competitive divisions will be Individual (Rx, Scaled, and Masters) and Teams of two. The teams can consist of two men, or two women, or one man/one woman. Competition will take place at the Charleston Maritime Center as well as the flight deck of the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point.

Entitled “Integrity’s Revenge – The Battle of Charleston Harbor,” presently there are 205 athletes who have registered for Integrity’s Revenge.

Athletes by Division:
Rx Men – 46
Rx Women – 18
Masters Men – 6
Masters Women – 1
Scaled Men – 24
Scaled Women – 16
Rx Teams – 32
Scaled Teams – 15

Total local (to Charleston, SC) athletes – 54

CrossFit athletes will begin arriving around 4:30 PM on Saturday. There will be a  run beginning at 5:00 PM and the WOD (Workout of the Day) on USS Yorktown begins at 6:15 PM. Watch the Integrity’s Revenge video below to get a sense of this weekends games…and let the games begin!


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2 thoughts on “CrossFit Garage Games On Yorktown’s Flightdeck Saturday

  1. Amazing ! Great job, thanks for sharing this to us. I loved to join but I guess I have to do more practice. Great video, love it. Good luck to all the participants for that event, so it’s 2-3 days to go !

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