Laffey Plans To Return Next Week, 22-27 January

True to her wartime name, “The Ship That Would Not Die,” the famous World War II destroyer Laffey will return to life as a museum ship sometime during the week of January 22-27th. The Laffey was moved from Detyen’s Shipyard last January to a pier on Shipyard Creek and now her return is in sight! [...]

Our Oldest Volunteer, Ernest “Larry” Melin

Patriots Point volunteer Ernest “Larry” Melin recently celebrated his 90th birthday onboard USS Yorktown. Officially, our oldest living volunteer, Larry served in the Army Air Corp from 1942 to 1946. After his enlistment, his aptitude and high grades had the Army Air Corp pointing him towards pilot training, but just as quickly the need for [...]

Laffey’s Shipyard Visit 2009 – Recap #2

As we prepare for Laffey’s return in two weeks…lets take a look back at Laffey’s visit and repair work at Deteyen’s Shipyard back in 2009. Below are images of Laffey being worked on in drydock…see more on our Flickr site…

USS Laffey Departure 19 August 2009 Recap #1

We will be taking a look at a few old Laffey posts as we near her successful return to Patriots Point the week of 22-27 January 2012. Today we’ll look at the post of Laffey’s departure 0n 19 August 2009 from Patriots Point to have her hull replaced. Former crew members, Patriots Point staff and [...]

First Helicopter Mercy Mission 1944!

On 03 January 1944, Commander Frank Erickson, United States Coast Guard, flew his Sikorsky HNS-1 Hoverfly helicopter in history’s first mercy flight. After an explosion sank the destroyer USS Turner, DD-648, Commander Erickson delivered over 40 units of blood plasma to a hospital at Sandy Hook, New Jersey. He had launched amid snow squalls from [...]

Navy Catapult Launch Improvement 1962

On 19 December 1962, an E-2A Hawkeye, flown by naval aviator Lieutenant Commander Lee Ramsey was catapulted from the flightdeck of the USS Enterprise (CVAN-65) during the first at sea test of a nose-tow gear designed to replace the catapult bridle system and reduce the time required between aircraft launches on aircraft carriers. This gear [...]

Patriots Point’s F-4J Phantom

The McDonnell F-4 Phantom (eventually became McDonnell-Douglas and then bought by Boeing) was a tandem-seat fighter-bomber designed to fill the U.S. Navy’s fleet defense fighter role. The advent of Soviet jet bombers with long range anti-ship missiles dictated that the U. S. Navy acquire a fighter that could quickly climb and accelerate to intercept the [...]

1960 Navy World Altitude Record With Payload

On 13 December 1960 an A-3J Vigilante crewed by naval aviator Commander Leroy Heath and bombardier-navigator Lieutenant Henry Monroe ascended to an altitude of 91,450.8 feet with a payload of 1,000 kilograms (2,402.62  pounds).  The setting was overhead Edwards Air Force base in California and the official world record broke the previous record by the [...]

Holiday Camp Set For USS Yorktown!

The Town of Mount Pleasant Recreation Department and Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum’s Institute of History and Science are partnering to host an exciting new day camp for local children during the holiday season. Oscar’s Oceanography Holiday Institute is designed for students ages 6-12.  As part of the program, campers will follow Oscar, a [...]

2012 Presidential Campaign: Governor Rick Perry Visits USS Yorktown

One day after the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor,  Governor Rick Perry of Texas came aboard USS Yorktown in his fight to gain the Republican nomination for President. Governor Perry talked mainly on defense issues in Hangar Bay III of the famous aircraft carrier and was surrounded by a crowd of mainly [...]