Aurora 7, Second Orbital Space Mission

Astronaut M. Scott Carpenter in his capsule, Aurora 7, was launched on 24 May 1962. A Navy Lieutenant Commander and aviator, he became the second American to orbit the earth. Carpenter’s mission completed 3 orbits of the earth and lasted 4 hours and 56 minutes. Unfortunately for astronaut Carpenter, he seemed distracted, quickly fell behind […]

Navy Transition From Wooden To Aluminum Aircraft 1927

Despite aluminum being declared superior to wood by NACA in 1920, only 5% of all aircraft were constructed of all metal by 1930. Aluminum proved a very difficult material for engineers in constructing a workable aircraft.  First, aluminum tended to buckle when compressed. Secondly, pure aluminum had a low melting point.  Several Junker all metal […]

Video Thursday 5.19.11

Today on Video Thursday we’ll look at two good aviation events and one bad…First is a new video on the Navy’s Blue Angels. Next is a segment from Defense Department News on an unfortunate runway departure of an Air Force tanker at Naval Base Ventura County Point Mugu, CA., with the resultant large fire, luckily […]

Tanker crash

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Self-Sealing Fuel Tanks 1917!

Have you ever heard of a self-sealing fuel tank? It is one of the amazing technical devices used by Americans to stay alive in the dangerous business of flying, particularly when someone is shooting at you! Above is pictured a burning Japanese bomber, official American name of Betty. Japanese aviators had another name with the  […]

Crossing Of The Atlantic 1919, Part II

NC-4 had a rough start to the mission after leaving NAS Rockaway on 08 May.  First, she had an oil pressure problem and then broke a connecting rod.  NC-4 landed off Cape Cod and taxied to the Chatham Naval Air Station. It took several days to change the engine and wait for good weather. NC-3 […]

Three Naval Aircraft Takeoff To Attempt Crossing Of The Atlantic 1919

On 16 May 1919, three naval aircraft, NC-1, NC-3 and NC-4 launched from Trepassey Bay, Newfoundland to attempt the first crossing of the Atlantic by aircraft. The NC (Navy Curtiss) aircraft were built by the Glenn Curtiss company and were nicknamed “Nancy” boats. They were developed for World War I to combat German submarines, but […]

Navy Helicopter Squadrons Receive H Designation 1944!

Did you know that helicopter squadrons were first designated VH plus a mission letter O, N, R (for observation, training or transport) in the early days of rotary flight. On 13 May 1944, helicopter squadrons  received the H designation minus the V. Originally navy aircraft squadrons were designated with either a Z (Zeppelin) for balloons/airships […]

USS Enterprise, CV-6, Commissioned 1938

“Sleep softly my old love, my beauty in the dark, night is a dream we have, as you know as you know…” M. S. Merwin USS Enterprise, CV-6, was commissioned at Newport News, Virginia, on 12 May 1938.  She was a Yorktown class carrier and would be one of  only two prewar carriers to survive […]

First Successful Head-on Attack Of A Missile By A Missile, 1962

On 10 May 1962, a Navy Sparrow III launched from a Navy Phantom jet successfully intercepted head-on another Navy missile, a Regulus II, while both were at supersonic speeds in the test range of the Naval Air Missile Center at Point Mugu, California. The Regulus had originally been the Navy’s first nuclear missile deployed on […]