USS Enterprise, CV-6, Commissioned 1938

“Sleep softly my old love, my beauty in the dark, night is a dream we have, as you know as you know…” M. S. Merwin USS Enterprise, CV-6, was commissioned at Newport News, Virginia, on 12 May 1938.  She was a Yorktown class carrier and would be one of  only two prewar carriers to survive […]

First Successful Head-on Attack Of A Missile By A Missile, 1962

On 10 May 1962, a Navy Sparrow III launched from a Navy Phantom jet successfully intercepted head-on another Navy missile, a Regulus II, while both were at supersonic speeds in the test range of the Naval Air Missile Center at Point Mugu, California. The Regulus had originally been the Navy’s first nuclear missile deployed on […]

Naval Aviators Fly Over The North Pole, 1926!

Naval aviators Warrant Officer Floyd Bennett  and Lieutenant Commander Richard Byrd flying a Fokker trimotor named Josephine Ford reached the North Pole at 9:03 GCT on 09 May 1926. The polar mission was a result of planning and preparation by Commander Byrd and it was privately funded by Edsel Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Vincent Astor […]

First Naval Aircraft Hit By Enemy Gunfire, 1914

There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at without result. Winston Churchill South Carolinian and naval aviator Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Patrick N.  L. Bellinger flew an AH-3 hydroaeroplane in combat over Veracruz, Mexico, on 06 May 1914. Born in Cheraw, SC, on 08 October 1885, Patrick Bellinger graduated from the Naval Academy in […]

First American In Space: Naval Aviator Alan Shepard, 50 Years Ago

Here are videos on our Video Thursday celebrating Naval Aviator and Astronaut Alan Shepard‘s achievements in space from 05 May 1961 and beyond… Enjoy this look at the past! Of all the achievements of naval aviators in its first 50 years, it is amazing that the first American in space would launch in the 50th […]

World Record Balloon Flight Set By Navy At 113,739.9 Feet

On 04 May 1961 Navy balloon pilot Commander Malcolm Ross and flight surgeon Lieutenant Commander Victor Prather (MC)  ascended to the world record height of 113,739.9 feet above sea level in their open gondola Strato-Lab. This record still holds today in 2011 for manned balloon ascent. The Navy Strato-Lab program of the 1950’s and 1960’s […]

Naval Aviation Sets Seaplane Record 1928

Launching from Philadelphia at the Naval Aircraft Factory, a PN-12 seaplane  (P for mission – Patrol, N for manufacturer –  Naval Aircraft Factory) piloted by LT’s Arthur Gavin and Zeus Soucek, flew from 03 May until 05 May for a total of 36 hours and 1 minute, setting the world duration record for Class C […]

Salute To Navy SEALS

Americans today can finally feel that justice has been served with the death of Osama Bin Laden. When the CIA finally tracked down the mastermind of the 9.11 attack on America, the decision was made to send in United States Navy SEALS (Sea, Air, Land) to do the job and make sure Bin Laden was […]

Volunteer Profile on Dr. "Chip" Biernbaum

Our volunteer profile is on Dr. “Chip” Biernbaum, who was born on Pearl Harbor Day (07 Dec) 1946 in Woodstown, NJ, 15 miles from Wilmington, Delaware. He spent as much free time as he could investigating curious creatures and beasts that lived in the streams, lakes and forests around his home. His interest in World […]

Video Thursday 4.28.11 What's A Wingsuit?

Today’s videos focus on flight in nonstandard modes, such as balloons, ski jumping  and wingsuits! For myself, I would like a standard heavier than air vehicle with a little mass and engine to rely upon for flying, but some folks see the world differently… [vimeo] [vimeo] This last video is amazingly scary! [vimeo […]