Patriots Point Featured on NBC Nightly News

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Patriots Point and our museum ships were featured on NBC Nightly News on Sunday, December 9!  Please enjoy the special segment below.

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2 thoughts on “Patriots Point Featured on NBC Nightly News

  1. I am doing all that I can to save enough money to bring my Grand Son to visit Patriots Point so he can see what PaPa did when he was in the Navy. Meanwhile I will keep visiting by computer!
    former member of the United States Navy
    Hayes Jack ADJ2
    Plane Captain for F8U2N Crusader 145557 Pilot Lt Knutson
    onboard USS Independence and USS Saratoga.

  2. My late father, John F. Liller, Y2, served upon the USS Laffey, and was wounded during the kamikaze attack mentioned in the piece. in which he received the Purple Heart Medal.
    My family can only pray that enough funds can be found to keep these ships proudly afloat, as they are in fact, “hallowed ground”.
    May God bless all the men who served on them, and with my father.
    Peter Liller
    Stamford, CT

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