Patriots Point Institute of History, Science and Technology to Offer Recertification Program for SC Teachers

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Patriots Point Robotics class held aboard the USS YorktownThe Patriots Point Institute of History, Science and Technology will host the second annual Teacher Recertification Professional Development Program aboard the USS Yorktown August 7-8, 2013.  This year’s seminar features the theme, “Informal Learning to Expand Beyond the Classroom,” and will refresh and renew teachers as they prepare for a new school year.  For $50, educators will receive 20 recertification hours/one semester hour, two full days of professional development training, a book with program curriculum, meals, and the option to stay overnight aboard the ship.

In addition to programs developed and taught by teachers who have served in the classroom, the seminar will feature keynote remarks by Dr. Janice Hutchinson Poda.  Poda serves as the Strategic Initiative Director for the Education Workforce at the Council of Chief State School Officers in Washington, D.C. Dr. Poda is considered by many to be one of the world’s leading education innovators.  She is often called upon to provide expert testimony before Congress on the issues of educational challenges and policies and travels internationally to advise education agencies abroad.  In addition to her work with the Council of Chief State School Officers, Poda works with the National Teacher of the Year program

“Last year’s inaugural Teacher Recertification Program was a great opportunity for us to share our innovative curriculum with teachers and school districts across the state,” said Patriots Point Executive Director Mac Burdette. “As we aim to provide tomorrow’s leaders with a foundation in our nation’s proud military history as well as science and technology, it’s important that we also reach out to those who shape their lives every day in the classroom – our educators.”

“The Teacher Recertification Professional Development Program provides history, math, science and literacy instruction in a way that makes learning fun for students and teachers alike,” Burdette continued.  “A quote from a participant last year said it best: ‘The Teacher’s Institute is not a sit and get meeting. It was a hands-on learning and evaluating experience. At times I was a wide-eyed student and at other times I was a teacher evaluating the process to make it better for students aboard the USS Yorktown.’

Registration is available on the Patriots Point website ( In order to participate in this innovative program, educators must register and submit payment by July 20.

About the Patriots Point Institute of History, Science and TechnologyThe Patriots Point Institute of History, Science and Technology features standards-based instruction that combines the rich history of Charleston; legacies of service found aboard the USS Yorktown, USS Laffey and in the Medal of Honor Museum; and the wonders of the Charleston Harbor’s estuarine environment. All together, these elements address 100% of the curricular requirements as set forth in the South Carolina State Standards in the specific areas of history, science, math and literacy (ELA).


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