Series of Events Honor USS Laffey, Crew

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3 thoughts on “Series of Events Honor USS Laffey, Crew

  1. I visit the USS Laffey on friday 13 2012 I couldnot stay for sat 4 16 2012 I was station on the USS Laffey DD724 from 1962 to 1964 Thank You Richard F Martucci 586 77 20 USN 1961-1964

  2. i visited uss laffey in march 2012. she looks great.i was stationed on board uss sumner 1959-1961.was an excellent …visit.

  3. Glad to have the USS Laffey home. I meet a baptist preacher from St Mathews south carolina the other day who was station on the ship. thanks to all the men who has ben doing volunteer work on her.

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