Share Your Paranormal Experiences On Board The Yorktown

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Have you had any paranormal encounters aboard the USS YORKTOWN? Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum invites you to share your experiences! Please send any information – and photos, if available – to Ashley Smith, Patriots Point Public Information Officer. We will be compiling this data and sharing it with the public at a later date.

On Wednesday, May 2, the SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” team dedicated an hour-long episode to investigating whether the spirits of past heroes are still on duty aboard the USS YORKTOWN. The crew from TAPS [The Atlantic Paranormal Society], including Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, spent several nights aboard the USS YORKTOWN. During this time, the ship was closed to the public – there were no overnight campers or hosted events, only Patriots Point security was allowed on the property, and all power to the ship was completely shut off.

TAPS Founder, Jason Hawes, said, “Not only did we catch some of the most compelling evidence I believe we have ever caught and the most intense experiences all team members have encountered in a long time, but it is also known as a hotspot for the very things we seek, “the paranormal.”

Read more about their visit to the USS YORKTOWN.

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7 thoughts on “Share Your Paranormal Experiences On Board The Yorktown

  1. Back in November of 2011 of Veterans Day and the rest of the weekend, i went on board the ship with my boy scout troop, i am in Troop 712 of Palm Beach Gardens Florida. On a saturday night, around 8:00 to 10:00 P.M., I was searching around the ship seeing if maybe their was spirits on board because i figured their possibly was. I started asking questions, i started at some points hearing things, but wasn’t sure if i was imagining it. Then i started seeing shadows at the corner of my eyes. A friend from another troop starts seeing things like shadows that i hadn’t seen. I also started getting cold chills at some points, i tried to debunk it but couldn’t find any air vents, and it was only in one spot, then it would disappear. Sense boy scouts doesn’t allow electronics, i couldn’t record anything. At the point i did this, i didn’t know for sure it was haunted until Ghost Hunters Investigated there, and i just found this website through google. I did at some points here voices, but they were very faint, i checked around near bye but couldn’t find anyone. I have to say one thing, it was creepy but it was interesting to expeirence that kind of pranormal activities. I would love to go back their one day and do more reearch, but next time with electronics to record audio and video, and take some pictures.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for sharing your experience! In the months ahead, we will be offering paranormal tours on board the Yorktown. We hope you will be able to visit us again and take part in one of these tours!

  2. I am sorry but I plan my vacation around the 4th of
    July each year. I meet my family here so we can watch the most fantastic fireworks ever. I seriously cry each year as I remember my Uncle Bob’s ship that went down during WWll.
    I did not have that moment with him this year because we could not see the fireworks. Many elderly and children that sat for hours in the hot sun
    just to get a good seat only saw trees.

  3. I have stayed there multiple times as a boy scout.

    A lot of times we would play capture the flag like games in the place while staying the night.

    All I know is I never felt alone in the engine room deep in the ship. At the time I probably did not understand the relelvance of what had happened in the ship, but I do remember that room was very solemn and eerie.

    I have not been back since I was a kid, but we are planning on coming over on our vacation to let our boys see the big ship.

  4. We went through the Ghost tour September 23, 2012 and it was really awesome, one of the best we have been on for ghost tours, down in the museum, my husband and I one minute was looking at some frames on the wall, and then for a split second just black covered them, we hadn’t moved, no lights changed or anything like that but then we could see the frames again, The tour guide said someone on another tour said they seem the same thing in the same corner. My daughter in one area started feeling really dizzy and got really scared and kinda backed into people wanting to leave, and in another area, where the scouts sleep, she kept feeling someone touching her hair and neck, and she kept swishing her hair to stop the feeling. Once the ghost meter went off around the electrical area but another time it went off real quick and stayed high in the yellow, in a couple of areas, The guide at one point tapped on a door and a few of us heard a tap from down another hall that was completely dark and no one was down there. My daughter at no time turned on her recorder on her phone but there is a one second recording of strange laughter and then in the background someone saying 2 words. Would recommend this tour to friends. Maybe it was just our minds playing tricks on us but maybe not.

    • Hello Heather,

      Sounds exciting! We’re glad you enjoyed your experience and hope you’ll come back for another tour in the future.

  5. Yesterday I was at the USS Yorktown with my group and went down into the room with the glassed in ship movements. I looked in the small room next to it and thought someone was gonna try and scare me so I started staring and all of the sudden I saw the reflection of what looked like a marine in full khaki dress in the glass of the case. No one real was there so that freaked me out.
    (It was around 9:15)

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