Engine Room Exhibit brings USS Laffey to life

The engine room on the USS Laffey has been closed to tours since early December, but has now reopened as an exciting, new Engine Room Experience.  The new exhibit is fully interactive and immerses visitors into the sights and sounds of the engine room and gives them an understanding of what it was like to […]

USS Frank Evans veterans come to Patriots Point to remember “Lost 74”

On Friday, September 18, a small group of veterans who served on the USS Frank Evans DD-754, stepped on board the USS Laffey.  Many of them were survivors of a horrific incident that occurred on June 3, 1969 when an Australian aircraft carrier, the HMAS Melbourne, collided with the USS Frank Evans and cut it […]

Welcome Home To “The Ship That Would Not Die,” USS Laffey DD-724

The morning was cool, crisp and clear, perfect for bringing the famous warship home. Welcome home Laffey, we are excited to have her back where she belongs and now preparations will begin to get her open for the public once again. Stay tuned for updates and the opening celebration we plan to hold!

Laffey Plans To Return Next Week, 22-27 January

True to her wartime name, “The Ship That Would Not Die,” the famous World War II destroyer Laffey will return to life as a museum ship sometime during the week of January 22-27th. The Laffey was moved from Detyen’s Shipyard last January to a pier on Shipyard Creek and now her return is in sight! […]

USS Laffey Departure 19 August 2009 Recap #1

We will be taking a look at a few old Laffey posts as we near her successful return to Patriots Point the week of 22-27 January 2012. Today we’ll look at the post of Laffey’s departure 0n 19 August 2009 from Patriots Point to have her hull replaced. Former crew members, Patriots Point staff and […]

Laffey and Patriots Point Updates…

The USS Laffey remains at Pier November on the old Charleston Naval Base, courtesy of the South Carolina State Ports Authority until June, when a decision will need to be made before hurricane season. Read more details from the latest Patriots Point Development Authority meeting as summarized in this News and Courier story… Read a […]

Laffey celebrates 66 years!

On Tuesday, the USS Laffey celebrated its 66th year since commissioning at Bath, Maine in 1944. The ship was opened Tuesday for a special media tour while at the South Carolina Ports Authority Pier November at the old Naval Base in North Charleston. It has been nearly five months since the legendary destroyer left Patriots […]

Laffey drydock complete!

The Laffey was moved from Detyen’s Shipyard yesterday at 1300 to Pier November on the old Naval Base, now South Carolina Ports Authority property in North Charleston, SC. Studies are underway to determine the best site for mooring Laffey upon her return to Patriots Point in the near future. Click here to read more about […]

Laffey visited by South Carolina State Senator Glenn McConnell

The Laffey was visited by State Senator Glenn McConnell, Patriots Point Chairman John Hagerty, boardmember Susan Marlowe and executive director Dick Trammel this week. They observed progress on the restoration of Laffey’s hull integrity. See below of pictures from their visit…

Laffey restoration update

The “holy” hull plates are being removed and new plate placed on Laffey to restore her watertight integrity. See images below for a visual update on the Laffey’s restorations…