October 5th – Carriers and Hellcats!

05 October 1943 was a day of “Firsts” for the United States Navy. It was the first use of multiple carrier groups in battle with the use of three new Essex carriers (Essex CV-9, Yorktown CV-10, Lexington CV-16) and three smaller carriers against Japanese forces on Wake Island and marked the first combat kill of [...]

64th anniversary of VJ Day (Victory over Japan) – 02 September 1945

As the sun came up on 02 September 1945, the USS Yorktown was steaming 30 miles east of  Sagami Wan.  The formal surrender ceremony was scheduled later in the morning on the USS Missouri. The ceremony began at 0930 and lasted one hour. The proceedings were transmitted to all ships and the crews listened via [...]

Naval aviators in space!

Forty years ago today at 9:32 AM (EST) Apollo 11 launched from Pad 39A on its way to the moon. The mission commander was former naval aviator Neil Armstrong. Neil had honed his pilot skills by taking off and landing on Essex class carriers  from 1950 to 1952. Attached to VF-51 onboard the USS Essex [...]