Upcoming Events

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Throughout the year, we are pleased to offer a variety of events and educational programs that are open to the public.  Please visit this page often, as we’ll update it when new events are added!



November 9th – Run for the Yorktown

November 10th – Open Cockpit Sunday

November 11th – Veterans Day Celebration

December 7th – Pearl Harbor Day

December 8th – Open Cockpit Sunday

December 31st – Christmas Eve Party




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One thought on “Upcoming Events

  1. Will fireworks be let off from the ships deck this 2013 4th of July? Or will they be
    shot off from the Harbor as they were last 2012 4th of July? I was very disappointed last year as family drove in from Maryland, SC and Ohio for vacation over the 4th but were unable to see fireworks. I make reservations in January for a week in Charleston as I have for the past several years. I would like this information before then so I can let family know We do want to see fireworks without being charged. Thanks…
    Sandy Long

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