An Iconic Cold War Submarine

The only GUPPY III submarine preserved in the U.S., the USS CLAMAGORE (SS-343) is Patriots Point iconic Cold War submarine. Check out the timeline below to learn more about its history.

  • 1945
    30 Years of Service

    Commissioned and served for 30 years during the Cold War

  • 1948
    Improving Underwater Performance

    Converted to the Greater Underwater Propulsion Program or GUPPY II status, to improve its underwater performance

  • 1963
    Making Room For Technology

    Converted to GUPPY III status by adding a 15-foot (55 ton) section forward of the control room. This was the ultimate upgrade for World War II era diesel-powered submarines.

  • 1975
    June, 1975


  • 1981
    A Proud Addition To The Fleet

    Added to Patriots Point fleet

  • 1989
    A Vital Piece of American History

    Designated a National Historic Landmark

Craft Stats

Silhouette of the USS Clamagore
Displacement: 1,975 tons
Length: 322 ft 5 in (98 m)
Speed: 17.2 knots (31.85 km/h) surface; 14.5 knots (26.85 km/h) submerged (30 minutes)
Range: 15,900 nm (29,400 km) at 8.5 knots (15.7 km/h) on surface
Armament: 10 x 21 in (533 mm) torpedo tubes, (6 forward, 4 aft), 24 torpedoes

Above specifications circa 1962 (GUPPY III)

  • Active Duty / Retired Military (ID required)
  • $19
  • In Person
  • Active Duty Military In Uniform
  • Free
  • In Person
  • Veterans / Teachers / First Responders
  • $21
  • In Person

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