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From Peanuts to the White House – Truly Historic Blog

Chris Hauff Jul 20, 2020

Miss Clark’s Truly Historic Blog! July 31, 2020

James Earl Carter, Jr. 39th US President

My last blog in July is a salute to a man who is currently the oldest living President and served our country in the military. He’s the only President who has graduated from the Naval Academy.

You guessed it, this week’s veteran is James Earl Carter, Jr., known as “Jimmy.” He was our 39th President and so far the only one to have been a peanut farmer from Georgia. (No, I have never met him, but one of my former students stood in line for over an hour to get a signed copy of one of his books for me…does that count?)

James Earl Carter, Jr. 39th U.S. President

Carter graduated from the Naval Academy in 1946 and entered the 

Navy as a submariner. He caught the attention of Admiral Hyman Rickover, who chose him for the nuclear submarine program. Upon his graduation, he served as senior officer of the pre-

commissioning crew of the Seawolf, the second nuclear submarine built.

He married his hometown sweetheart, Roslyn Smith, on July 7, 1946. Sadly, a few years later, his father who taught him how to farm, passed away. He quickly resigned from the Navy and returned home to take over the Carter Farms. 

In 1966, Carter entered the world of politics and, in five years, became Georgia’s 

76th Governor. From there, the political opportunities increased, and he was 

eventually nominated by his party’s convention to run for President. He served as our thirty-ninth President 

from January 1977-January 1981.

During his campaign for President, even his plane reflected his farming pride. 

It was known as “Peanut One.” Carter was known for his faith, big smiles, and southern accent.

In 1980, President Carter lost his re-election bid, but as is often true, after one door closes, another opens. Though he will always be among our list of presidents, his legacy has

“Peanut One”

grown since his time in the Oval Office. 

He has since founded an organization to help publicize “Habitat for Humanity,” founded the Carter Center, and performed humanitarian aid across the globe.

His humanitarian aid is way more than just posing for photos. The President and his wife work with their HANDS to promote causes. In 2002 their work earned Carter the Nobel Peace Prize. 

When asked who his favorite President was, Carter said it was President Harry

President Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work in 2002.

Truman. Why? He says he respects how Truman did not try to profit off his time in office. It seems to me that President Carter has followed in Truman’s footsteps!

P.S. For those who are eager to know next month’s theme…here is your truly historic clue.

WWII and YOU??? Have a truly historic weekend!!!



History Education Program Coordinator Cindy Clark (Miss Clark) comes out of the brig aboard the USS Yorktown.

Getting To Know Miss Clark:

My name is Cindy Clark, but most of my life as a teacher I’ve been known as Miss Clark. For more than 24 years, I was blessed to teach in a traditional classroom full of students who often taught me more than I taught them. Today, I am honored to be part of the Education Department aboard the USS Yorktown at the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, and boy is my classroom much BIGGER!!!

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