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Bringing Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum to life

Molly Hamilton Aug 27, 2015

In today’s world, guests to Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum want to learn about the history of our fleet and the artifacts on display in exciting and engaging ways.  To this end, we have created interactive exhibits like the Apollo 8 exhibit on the USS Yorktown and the Mount 53 Experience on the USS Laffey that truly bring history to life.  Additionally, the Vietnam Experience exhibit that opened in November 2014 features a 100-speaker surround sound system and recreated sights that transport the visitor to a U.S. support base in the Vietnam War.

The new indoor/outdoor dining area is located in Hangar Bay III on the USS Yorktown.

The new indoor/outdoor dining area is located in Hangar Bay III on the USS Yorktown.

A new indoor/outdoor dining area was recently completed in Hangar Bay III.  In the coming year, the snack bar will be moved next to this area and the B-25D Mitchell will be brought down from the ceiling and become part of a new exhibit.  Work has also begun on the new arrival experience plan at the nearby main entrance of the USS Yorktown.

More improvements and upgrades are planned for the coming year. In the Vietnam Experience, plans are underway to continue with Phase II of the exhibit.  Plans for this phase focus on an enhanced entrance experience and a greater explanation of the Vietnam War in a broader sense.  A “quonset hut” will be constructed as an entrance facility to provide a place for guests to watch a brief video on the Vietnam War as they enter.  It will also provide a covered space for any artifacts that cannot be displayed outdoors.

As Executive Director Mac Burdette explained: “Our efforts here are based on two simple words: educate and honor. We think what we have done so far is doing that, but to really interpret the war in Vietnam and to honor the veterans that served, we need this facility.”

For more on Phase II of the Vietnam Experience, watch this video:

Another exhibit enhancement planned for the coming year is the Combat Information Center (CIC) on the USS Laffey.  Work has already begun to make this an exhibit where guests can feel like a sailor in the days of war, relying on the information provided through the machines and instruments in the CIC.

Check out this video for more on the USS Laffey CIC project currently underway:

Additional projects coming soon are enhancements to the CIC and Engine Rooms of the USS Yorktown and the USS Laffey and a new interactive welcome experience as guests enter the USS Yorktown.  Stay tuned for future updates on these exciting projects!

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7 thoughts on “Bringing Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum to life

  1. charles danks says:

    We visited Patriots Point in Aoril. I SERVED ON the Laffey. There was nothing in the gift shop with Laffey on it. It was all Yorktown. There are people more interested in the Laffey than the Yorktown. You have commercialized the Yorktown way to much to exactly get the feel how it actually was.

    1. Molly Hamilton says:

      Mr. Danks, First of all, thank you for your service on the USS Laffey. We are very proud to have her as part of our fleet. I am sorry to hear you weren’t able to find something in the gift shop on the day you were here. We did have several major events in April and perhaps our stock was low. I did check yesterday and there are hats, books, magnets and other items with a picture and/or name of the USS Laffey on it. I will, however, forward your concerns to the gift shop manager for future ideas of stocking additional items.

      Thanks again for your service.

      Molly Hamilton
      Public Information & Media Relations

      1. Dave says:

        There is a large litho of the Laffey, maybe 18 x 30 or so that is usually in the gift shop. The last two times I was there it was not on the shelf but after asking one of the staff to go find one for me they were able to bring a stack of them out about 30 minutes later. The litho is only $10 and well worth it. I buy them as gifts!

  2. Austin Shotwell says:

    Thanks for update…as naval air crew on Yorktown…late 52 55 v-4 division…appreciate updates…and wish we lived closer then Vancouver Wa. May try one more visit before moving on to what ever is there ……Lets not forget the forgotten war..that was never a declared war…Korea…Or what could have been if our country had not aided in that division of the country following WW II…. Best to all you old vets…

  3. jerry jones says:

    thanks for the updates at patriots point. I have done volunteer work there for the last twenty five years. but my wife was in a bad car wreck and it has kept me from coming. I am glad to see the work that is going on there. a lot of different projects and I know people loves coming to tour the ships.

  4. Ron Meacham says:

    The Staff of Patriots Point has and continue to do a phenomenal job of making the ships and their crews part of todays history. They do it with the same passion the crews always had. Thank you.

  5. Dave Corvino says:

    Mac Burdette is the best thing that has ever happened to Patriot’s Point. He and his staff are doing an outstanding job. I can’t thank all of them enough. Special thanks to Molly Hamilton for always staying on top of the issues and being so responsive, and to Chris Hauff for his fantastic presentations.

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