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A Letter from Patriots Point Executive Director Mac Burdette

patriotspoint Sep 17, 2012

Thank you for your interest in Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum. We have a lot of exciting things going on; and it is our hope that this newsletter will keep you up-to-date regarding all the latest news, events and programs at our museum.

Positive momentum is building at Patriots Point and people across the Lowcountry and State of South Carolina are taking notice.

A report released by the College of Charleston’s Office of Tourism Analysis highlighted our significant economic impact on the Lowcountry and State of South Carolina. The report stated that our estimated economic impact is $50 million on an annual basis, including nearly $18 million in employee income (source: 2011-2012 Patriots Point Intercept Survey Report, College of Charleston Office of Tourism Analysis).

In addition, I am pleased to report that our agency closed the FY2012 ‘books’ on June 30, 2012 with an increase of nearly $500,000 in total operating revenue. This number – a 5% increase over FY11 – includes revenue from landside leases, admissions, parking, overnight camping, educational programs, gift shop sales, event rentals and group sales.

Other FY12 highlights include:

  • Paid attendance numbers were up 5% over projections at the conclusion of FY12, with nearly 235,000 guests visiting Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum. In addition, Group Sales numbers were up 20% over FY11.The Patriots Point Institute of History, Science and Technology increased the number of participants in educational programs by more than 50%.  This significant increase brought Patriots Point more than half-way to its goal of 20,000 students (per year) by 2014 in only one year.
  • The Overnight Camping Program remains one of the museum’s greatest revenue sources, welcoming nearly 20,000 campers in FY12 alone.
  • The number of event rentals at Patriots Point grew by 29% over the last fiscal year while the revenue from event rentals nearly tripled.  Patriots Point took in almost $90,000 in revenue for event rentals during FY11 and nearly $220,000 in revenue for event rentals during FY12 – a 152% increase.

Looking into FY13, Patriots Point will continue building on these successes.

Over the next year, we will see the initial results and implementation of the first phase of the Museum Master Plan study. This study will, ultimately, ‘bring the YORKTOWN to life’ through added technology and innovation. Moreover, the study will enable the museum to realize goals set forth by the Business Plan to increase visitation by another 30,000 over the next three years.

In addition, we will develop the Patriots Point Leadership Institute, create a National Flight Academy site aboard the USS Yorktown, expand our robotics programs and educational opportunities, and host the 2012 Carrier Classic – a basketball game that will pit women’s teams of Ohio State University and the University of Notre Dame, and the men’s teams of Marquette University and Ohio State University.

On behalf of the Patriots Point Development Authority Board and our employees, we are energized and excited about our future. We are gaining positive momentum and we are touching lives. I hope that everyone who visits our museum in the year ahead will walk away pleased with their experience and with a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, the men and women who serve our great nation.

Thank you for your continued support.



R. Mac Burdette

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4 thoughts on “A Letter from Patriots Point Executive Director Mac Burdette

  1. Ann Ritter says:

    I suggest you add an attraction that is more ohysically engaging and exciting, like the Niagra Fall Surround Movie attraction. People line up for hours to see goin, and it was not very expensive to create. I know this is not the same story, but where they use 360 degrees movie on falls with waters effects to show how glacier created it, and , you stand on metal grates so water effects can be used. It would be quite simple to create a similarly based thing with war like effects, for canons , pirate fights, maybe even hurricane like effects. It uses a single space. Walking thru a ship and submarine is just very passive for kids and young adults of 2012. They charge a lot for that falls thing . Maybe talks to them about funding.

    1. patriotspoint says:

      Hello Ms. Ritter,

      Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will be sure to share it with my colleagues here to see what we might be able to do along the same lines!

    2. Pete Jacobsen says:

      Mr. Mac Burdette – I have had an uncle serve aboard the USS Yorktown during WW II, and I met him only on one occasion. He was on survivors leave after the battle of midway, I believe. The point of my request is to inquire about finding out about him. Do you have any archives of personal who served about the ship during this time? I would like to find out more about my uncle “Grif” Griffith who was an officer.
      Pete Jacobsen

      1. patriotspoint says:

        Mr. Jacobsen,

        Thank you for your inquiry. The USS Yorktown Association is a group that includes former crewmembers of ‘The Fighting Lady’ and their families and would be the best place to start in your research for more information about your uncle. Todd Cummins is the Association Shipboard Director. He can be reached by email at [email protected] or directly at 843-849-1928. Thank you.

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