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Museum Open, With Safety Measures in Place

Chris Hauff Jul 28, 2020

Our museum is open every day from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and we are ready to welcome you back aboard our fleet of historic warships.

We know some people may still feel uncomfortable about visiting a museum right now, and that is o.k.  For those that do want to come to see us, we have several new safety measures in place to reduce opportunities for transmission of COVID-19.

Until social-distancing recommendations change, we will keep visitors from entering the submarine Clamagore, our Apollo 8 capsule, and a few of the bunkers in our Vietnam Experience. Inside climate-controlled areas aboard the USS Yorktown, the air is sanitized by new ultraviolet light air purifiers that were installed during our closure.

Floor signage at our ticket window and inside the gift shop encourages visitors to keep six feet apart.  We’ve also doubled the number of hand sanitizing stations in the museum.  We are proud of the work our custodial team does and are doubling down on the sanitation of tour routes and restrooms.  Please let us know if visitors think something can be done better.

Thank you to everyone who supported us and the USS Yorktown Foundation through the last few months.  We take our mission seriously and are looking forward to our new beginning this Friday.  Don’t forget, to avoid contact, skip the line and buy tickets online.  Do you have more questions?  Click here for a list of common questions we can answer for you.  We’ll see you soon.

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7 thoughts on “Museum Open, With Safety Measures in Place

  1. Daniel 0briot says:

    ; what are the names Apollo in the line of duty Memorial

  2. Sid Busch says:

    Will visitors be able to go on the pier the Clamagore is tied up to?

  3. Rick white says:

    Some the Clagamore, the vietnam bunkers, the spacecraft will be closed is there discounted tickets because they are closed or is still full price

  4. Kathleen Rodriguez says:

    Do you need to wear a mask while there? Also since some areas are closed currently, will you have reduced rates?

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      Hi Kathleen, Beginning Monday, August 3, masks wearing will be required. Our state has issued a mandate for all public property and gathering spaces. Our rates remain the same and we appreciate your support during this time.

  5. glenn beckette says:

    Are you still required to wear a mask to go threw the tours if 6 feet apart.

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      Hi Glenn, Beginning Monday, August 3, the state is requiring masks to be worn inside our museum. We appreciate your support and hope that you will come see us soon!

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