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Thanksgiving on the Yorktown in 1943

Catherine Turner Nov 21, 2022

It was November 25, 1943.

The USS Yorktown CV-10 was in the middle of a pivotal operation: the occupation of the Gilbert Islands. Just six days earlier, she had sent air support to Tawara Atoll for the first step of Pacific Island-Hopping. Once complete, the Allies could move to the Marshall Islands in 1944.

Work onboard the ship that Thanksgiving never stopped for anyone. In fact, the only way the crew knew it was a holiday was because of the food!

Let’s see what a Thanksgiving menu onboard the “Fighting Lady” contained.

USS Yorktown Thanksgiving Menu, 1943

Some things never change.

What’s on your Thanksgiving menu this year?

Add your comment below!

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One thought on “Thanksgiving on the Yorktown in 1943

  1. Matt Mason says:

    This year a potluck. Waiting for the satisfying surprise!

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