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Veterans and Military Families Month – Truly Historic Blog

Chris Hauff Oct 29, 2020

Miss Clark’s Truly Historic Blog! November 2020

As an educator, one is always a lifelong learner, so let’s learn more history together.


November is a month for reflecting and showing appreciation for blessings, one of which is being citizens of our great country. During this time of the year, I often think of the many friends and family members who enrich my life daily. On Thanksgiving, we tend to catch up with one another while overeating!  Another significant fact about November is that it is National Veterans and Military Families Month. In my opinion, it’s important to honor veterans and their families for the entire month of November, and not just on Veterans Day. Too often, we tend to think only of those in uniform, but in a military family, every member serves in one way or another. Though we can never repay the debt we owe to those who serve, we can, at the very least, remember them during this month and reach out to their families in small ways through simple acts of kindness, whether in word or deed.


Each year, the Veterans Day National Committee selects an official image from artwork submitted from people all across our country. This year’s winning poster designer, Casey Brown, is a Marine Corps veteran who served in Iraq.


There is much symbolism in the design for veterans and families alike. Brown says it came from his heart and personal struggles as a person who served. “The cliff depicts the veterans, and children represent the legacy of veterans as future veterans. Those struggling on the hill represent incoming and current veterans. Those at the top of the hill represent the older generation looking after the others. You will notice that some veterans on the hill are turning back to assist others; it represents the mindset of always looking back to help other generations, leaving a legacy better than they found. If you ever walk into a VA Medical Center, veterans are always welcoming and helping in a variety of ways.” For more about this winning poster, click here. 


So, this November, let’s celebrate and honor all of our veterans and their families, not just on Veterans Day, November 11th, but throughout the whole month. Perhaps you can find a veteran or a military family and spend time with them. Because of COVID-19, this idea may pose more of a challenge this year, but get creative. Make a call, mow their yard, deliver groceries, or even visit a cemetery and place a flower or a small flag on a grave. Who knows, your gesture of kindness may go farther than you could ever imagine. 


Only our imagination and a little time are required. Remember, ever underestimate the power of an encouraging word.


Getting To Know Miss Clark:

My name is Cindy Clark, but most of my life as a teacher I’ve been known as Miss Clark. For more than 24 years, I was blessed to teach in a traditional classroom full of students who often taught me more than I taught them. Then, I left the classroom and boarded a truly historic ship – the USS Yorktown. I spent more than 10 years educating students from across the country about history, honor, and patriotism as part of the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum’s education department.  As of August 14, 2020, I officially retired, and looking back, I feel so blessed to have had an impact on so many young lives!

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