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New Engine Room Experience Exhibit Opens on USS Yorktown

Molly Hamilton Mar 05, 2018

In late February, Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum unveiled the first phase of the new Engine Room Experience aboard the USS Yorktown.  The newly-renovated space uses the latest technology to bring the story of the engine room to life and makes it easier for guests to understand the duties and purpose of this integral part of an aircraft carrier.

The USS Yorktown Engine Room Experience features 15 unique halo-lit images; a virtual tour station of the lower decks of the engine room; a touchscreen kiosk using animation to explain how the engine of the USS Yorktown functions; and “holobox” scene showing a sailor (hologram) lighting a boiler and another of him finding a steam leak. This entire area is ADA friendly and climate controlled.

The new area is located near the entrance of Tour 2 onboard the USS Yorktown, just before guests have the option to descend a series of ladders to reach the engine room.  For those who are unable to navigate the ladders, the new Engine Room Experience creates a virtual alternative that allows them to tour the engine room remotely.

These technological additions create a dynamic and interactive experience for museum guests and represent the first phase of a major exhibit planned for the USS Yorktown engine room. The next phase will focus on the engine and fire room spaces below deck and will bring the areas to life and allow the experience to tell the story of the sailors who once worked there.  The next phase of the Engine Room Experience, like this first phase, will have interactive and immersive components.

The new USS Yorktown Engine Room Experience was funded, in part, by federal funds from the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior.

Check out more photos of the new USS Yorktown Engine Room Experience below:

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6 thoughts on “New Engine Room Experience Exhibit Opens on USS Yorktown

  1. Robert A. "Bob" Reiss says:

    I was 10 ft. from the Apollo 8 crew when they left the cape a 1/4 mile from the recovery ship in Charleston. History from start to finish.

  2. Robert A. "Bob" Reiss says:

    Touch,see,hear and smell history. You must do it.

  3. Paul says:

    I served on the Fightin’ Lady ’60-’62. I was wondering how much of the Ship is open to tours? Would love to visit #1 FR. What happens when the storms come, Does the ship rise with tide and storm surges? Is there any video feed from the area?

    1. Molly Hamilton says:

      Good morning Paul. Thank you for your service to our country and specifically aboard the USS Yorktown. If you aren’t already involved in the USS Yorktown Association, I recommend you check them out at http://www.ussyorktown.org The group is about to have their 70th annual reunion here on the Yorktown October 11-13. It’s a great opportunity to see the ship and perhaps find a former crewmate.

      Much of the USS Yorktown is open for touring, it’s hard to list everything. As for the fire rooms, Fire Room #2 is on tour along with the nearby engine room. We also have an amazing new exhibit before guests descend to the Engine Room that explains the areas and the jobs that crew members like yourself had onboard.

      When storms come, we batten down the hatches as best we can and we have offered live video feeds for previous storms. We recently closed to prepare for Hurricane Florence, but the storm mostly bypassed our area. The Yorktown is permanently “parked” in 25-30 feet of mud, so she doesn’t move when storms come through. When Hurricane Hugo came through in 1989, she moved about six inches, but it was a Category 4 hurricane.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Molly Hamilton
      Public Information & Media Relations

  4. leroy rheubottom says:

    i servid in #1fire room 3/60 to 10/62

  5. Thomas Smith says:

    How do guys keep the bottom from rusting out if its in 25 to 30 feet of mud???? Please tell me to its preserved

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