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Yorktown Spotlight: Hannah Webb

Catherine Turner Dec 06, 2022

Meet Hannah, an intern working with us this Fall/Winter semester. She’s a sophomore at the College of Charleston and plans to study hospitality and tourism. We sat down and talked about her experience working with both staff and volunteers.

Do you have any hidden talents?

“I love drama. I love being in the theatre… One of the more creative shows [in high school] went along with 2020. It was called ‘Ten Ways to Survive Life in Quarantine.’ I was the co-host.”

If you could time travel anywhere in time and space, where and when would it be?

“I think it would be cool to go sometime into the future – 100 years later. I think it would be very technological for sure.”

How has your internship shaped your career goals?

“It makes me realize how much I actually do like talking to other people and helping out any way I can with the visitors and staff.”

What was it like working the front desk and interacting with visitors?

“When I would interact with the visitors, it was nice. The volunteers were really knowledgeable. Many of them had been there for eight years and are veterans.”

Describe one of your favorite moments during the internship.

“One of my favorite things overall are just the volunteers [and staff] and hearing them telling jokes and laughing. One of them is named Al [Overnight Camping Assistant and former volunteer]. He has the greatest jokes and makes everyone laugh… And of course there’s John [our videographer] who is just entertaining and does great voices. You can ask him to do Donald Duck voices and Spongebob.”

If you could tell a first-time visitor a great tip, what would it be?

“The first thing I would tell them to do while it’s lovely out – go over to the flight deck first which is on tour 2 and see all the cool airplanes. And if it’s not so nice, go back down and finish all the tours. We have four great self-guided tours. And then, if you can, go to the Captain’s Tour – but you have to do that in advance. And of course, try the flight simulator.”

You heard it from us first, folks! Don’t forget to pay the museum a visit soon.

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