Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of venues do you have available at Patriots Point?

    With spaces to fit 15 to 1,500 people, we are likely to have at least one venue option that will be ideal for your group’s size and other needs. There are spaces on board the YORKTOWN, either open to weather or enclosed, as well as outside on our grounds. Some of our enclosed spaces are climate controlled. For a list of our venues, click here.

  • What are the costs of renting the venue?

    Rental prices are quoted upon request and based on spaces used for the event. Additionally, audio/visual, parking, optional tours, and other costs are itemized and available for your review while planning your event. To get quotes, please reach out to Bobby Kotlowski in the Events Rentals Department, (843) 881-5989 or [email protected].

  • How do I hold a date?

    After a client expresses firm interest in a space, the desired date of your event will be placed on hold, while space availability is checked and confirmed. Once the client approves the reservation, Patriots Point will send a contract, and a 50% deposit of the total fee is required. Deposits are non-refundable; but in the event that you must cancel, this amount can be applied to a future event. For more information, contact Bobby Kotlowski in the Events Rentals Department, (843) 881-5989 or [email protected].

  • What time can my event start and end?

    Rental fees are based on a four hour event minimum, with events generally scheduled from 9AM-10:30PM. All times are subject to compatibility, availability, and other Patriots Point functions. Please note, overtime charges will be incurred for each additional hour or portion thereof.

  • Is there parking available for guests at the venue?

    Parking is available at the Patriots Point parking lot, within walking distance of all venues. Parking is charged at $5 per vehicle per day.

  • Do you have an on-board caterer?

    We do not have an on-board caterer. Our events team recommends a list of preferred catering partners. The choice is yours! Choose the company that best fits your needs. Please contact the Events Rentals Department, (843) 881-5989 or [email protected] for more details.

  • Can more than one event occur at the same time?

    The Events Rentals Department will determine the types and number of events that may occur simultaneously to make sure that events will not interfere with one another, and that they will not be disruptive to daily visitors.

  • Is tenting permitted? Do you supply tents?

    Tenting is permitted on the Flight Deck and all piers, as well as in areas off the ship. At this time, Patriots Point does not offer tenting; however, we can provide you with a list of local vendors. For more information, please contact Bobby Kotlowski in the Events Rentals Department, (843) 881-5989 or [email protected].

  • Is security available for events?

    Patriots Point provides a public safety officer for every special event. Large events (such as concerts, Proms and fraternity parties) may require the use of off-duty Mount Pleasant Police Officers. This will be coordinated through the Events Rentals Department, (843) 881-5989 or [email protected].

  • Is smoking permitted at Patriots Point?

    There is no smoking permitted anywhere on board the YORKTOWN or LAFFEY. Smoking is permitted outdoors in a designated area below the main entrance stairs.

  • Do you have access for persons with disabilities?

    We are ADA compliant, with an elevator on board the YORKTOWN providing access to the Hangar Bay Level, Flight Deck, and Quarters. Accessibility for each venue space should be discussed in advance of confirming a location with the Events Manager.

  • Can banners, signs or other décor be hung in the event area?

    Banners and signs are permitted. Existing museum signage cannot be moved. Nothing can be hung from, or applied to, our exhibits. All event signage must be removed at the conclusion of an event. Please speak to the Events Rentals Department regarding specific rules, (843) 881-5989 or [email protected].

  • Does the USS YORKTOWN have air conditioning?

    Some inside spaces are both air conditioned and heated. Please discuss specific spaces in advance with the Events Rentals Department, (843) 881-5989 or [email protected].

  • How can we support Patriots Point?

    By scheduling an event at the Patriots Point, you are providing support. We also have a variety of Membership Programs. Additionally, donations are always appreciated and will support our programs and services.

  • Still have questions?
    Please download our full events brochure for more information.

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