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Camping Overview


Pack your gear! For more than 25 years, the Youth Overnight Camping Program on board the USS YORKTOWN is one of the nation's top education adventures.

Youngsters arrive and experience the majesty of the USS YORKTOWN, sleep in the berthing areas where the sailors once slept, learn about naval and aviation history.

Each camping package includes self-guided tours, meals and entertainment, plus an On-site Educational Program.

If you are the leader of an ORGANIZED YOUTH GROUP OF 10 OR MORE PEOPLE and would like more information on our overnight camping program, please call 1-800-248-3508. Press 1 to reach Alice Seabrook, press 2 to reach Richard Gregg.

If you are paying the deposit by check or money order, click here to view and print a mail-in Reservation Form.

New! USS YORKTOWN Ghost Tours!

Camping Packet

Overnight Camping Inquiry Form

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BEFORE YOU START!! Be sure you select a camping date and second choice from the calendar of available dates on the right.

A deposit is required for all groups making reservations. Deposit will be applied to total cost. Total payment is due 60 days prior to arrival. Deposits made with an online registration must be made by credit card. Patriots Point accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.

For more information, email us at camping@patriotspoint.org or call us at 1-800-248-3508.

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July 2014

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Independence Day

Camping Packages

See which camping package is right for your group. Because of the popularity of the Patriots Point program we suggest you make reservations eight months to a year in advance! All campers receive an official Patriots Point Camping souvenir patch!


$72 per person

  • Saturday 9:00 a.m. to Sunday 9:00 a.m.
  • Camp on board the YORKTOWN Saturday night.
  • Meals include Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast.
  • Movies in YORKTOWN Theater.
  • Tours of aircraft carrier YORKTOWN, destroyer LAFFEY, submarine CLAMAGORE, Vietnam Naval Support Base Camp.
  • A Patriots Point Onsite Program
  • Add a recreational climb on the Patriots Point Climbing Wall for just $5 more per person.


The majority of our visiting groups prefer weekend camping dates but weekday, one night and two night packages are available.

  • One night camping, $72 per person*
  • Two night camping, $92 per person*
  • Meal schedules, movie, and tour schedules are the same as weekend packages.
  • Weekday groups receive one of our great on-board educational programs.
  • Add a recreational climb on the Patriots Point Climbing Wall for just $5 more per person.
Please note: Smaller groups will be accepted for weekday packages if the total number of registered campers from all groups reaches a minimum of 40.


$92 per person

  • Arrive Friday 4:00-5:00 p.m. with campers departing berthing no later than Sunday 9:00 a.m. (Please note: Friday campers must be onsite no later than 8:00 p.m.)
  • Camp on board YORKTOWN Friday and Saturday night.
  • Meals include Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast. (Please note: Friday evening meal not included.)
  • Movies in YORKTOWN Theater.
  • Tours of aircraft carrier YORKTOWN, destroyer LAFFEY, submarine CLAMAGORE, Vietnam Naval Support Base Camp.
  • A Patriots Point Onsite Program
  • Add a recreational climb on the Patriots Point Climbing Wall for just $5 more per person.


The same great overnight camping packages offered during high season... at a 20% discount. Same minimum numbers apply.

Camping Discount Days mean big savings during these weeks:
  • 1st Friday in July thru September 30
  • 1st Friday in December thru 21
Important note: Even though your preferred date may appear to be available the reservations process leads to constant updating. While we will do everything we can to book preferred dates it's a good idea to check availability for a second date.

On-Site Programs


Participate in some learning activities while staying in the best hotel on the water!

Please view the Overnight Camping Packet for more information about the Programs available on board the USS Yorktown. Some of our most popular on-site programs include:
  • Oceanography
  • Aviation
  • Astronomy
  • Journalism
  • History/Science Program

Scout Programs


Come get hands-on experience!

Scouts have an exciting, exceptional opportunity to earn merit badges during their overnight camping experience at Patriots Point. All merit badges require advance reservation. Each program is designed to capitalize on the unique aspects of our naval and maritime museum as well the surrounding estuary where the Yorktown is berthed. All programs offer their participants unique hands-on experience, increasing the ability to learn new concepts and skills. Space in these programs is limited, and participants are registered on a first come, first serve basis.

For merit badge consideration, our programs require scouts to complete pre-arrival activities. Depending on the program, some pre-arrival exercises must be started up to 60 days prior to attending the program. For questions, contact scoutbadgeprograms@patriotspoint.org.

Available Badges

Click on a merit badge above to view additional information related to available Merit Badges at Patriots Point.


Discuss current events in aviation, conduct a pre-flight check, build a model plane, and learn about the evolution of flight.


Spend time with live marine animals, participate in various construction projects, conduct tests, and learn about tides and the effects of water flow.


Tour a working newsroom, meet on-air newscasters, learn the history of free press, and discuss the differences in societies that have free press versus societies with restricted press.


Learn about the solar system, how planets move, the moon's effect on the tides and the sun's effects on earth's weather and people.

Climbing Wall


Visit Patriots Point and reach new heights!

Round out your group's active experience at Patriots Point by reserving time at our Climbing Wall. This is a great recreational opportunity for both children (age 6 and older) and adults. The 34-ft. tall wall can be climbed by more than one person at a time, and allows plenty of space for appropriate adult supervision.

At a price of just $5.00 per person for two recreational climbs, the Patriots Point climbing wall is a wonderful way to add your group's fun and activity during your visit here.

Please contact the Overnight Camping department for more information at camping@patriotspoint.org or call 1-800-248-3508.

Plan of the Day

All leaders are required to be knowledgeable of the contents of the Plan of the Day (POD).
Plan of the Day-Weekend-July 18-20, 2014


What do we bring with us?
Patriots Point provides a bare mattress on the bunk. Campers must bring sleeping gear and all personal hygiene items. Patriots Point will not provide sleeping gear.
Are there age requirements for campers?
All campers, including siblings, must be at least six years old. There are no complimentary admissions.
What time should we arrive?
All campers and leaders must be on board NO LATER THAN 8:00 PM. Upon arrival, the Troop/Group Leader should contact the Public Safety Officer, who will be in or near the Security Gatehouse in front of the larger Gift Shop/Ticket Booth building. The Public Safety Officer will contact the Scout Duty Officer via radio to coordinate boarding the YORKTOWN.
How should we pack?
Due to restricted parking spaces on the pier as regulated by the State Fire Marshal, troops are required to carry all luggage from the parking area down the 600-foot pier to the YORKTOWN. Please pack with this in mind.
Should we arrive as a group?
Everyone in a group should plan to arrive at Patriots Point simultaneously. Due to the nature of our Orientation Program, this is a must.
How are berthing areas assigned?
All campers are assigned specific quarters and are requested to respect the privacy of other campers by not entering other quarters. The berthing quarters are climate controlled. Due to camper volume, we cannot guarantee specific berthing areas to groups; but will make every effort to assign groups to areas that adequately accommodate them. All youth campers must have adult supervision. Under NO circumstances are males and females allowed to share quarters.
Is there an Orientation Program?
The Orientation Program will be conducted by the Scout Duty Officer upon arrival on board the YORKTOWN. During Orientation, rules of conduct, the importance of the Fire Drill and other behavioral standards are explained.
What are the Regular and Emergency Phone Numbers?
The main Patriots Point number is (843) 884-2727. The Camping Office number is 1-800-248-3508 (M-F, 8-4:30). The after hours Camping Office number is (843) 881-5937. Emergency or after-hours is (843) 860-2345. This is a cellular phone answered 24 hours a day by a Public Safety Officer.
What safety precautions do you take?
A fire drill is mandated by the State Fire Marshal and is held during the evening of your first night on board. Everyone MUST participate in order to sleep on board. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
What are the conduct expectations and responsibility of Leaders?
In general our camping groups display good conduct. There have been isolated cases of willful property destruction and theft. Such behavior is not tolerated and violators and group leaders will be held fully accountable for unacceptable conduct and damage. Any individuals who violate these rules will be asked to leave the ship.
Is there a schedule of Fees?
Fees are due 60 days in advance. Check should be made payable to Patriots Point. We also accept all major credit cards. Please do not pay for more spaces than you originally reserved. When you make your final payment you are establishing your final count. We can increase your count ONLY if space allows.
What is the Refund policy?
Troops/groups will be assessed a processing fee of $30.00 per person for any camper that has paid in full and does not attend. Refunds issued by credit card will be refunded immediately. It may take a few days for the refund to show on your account. Refunds issued by check will be mailed 4-6 weeks after a scheduled visit.