Scrappy The Canine Sailor

Scrappy, our official mascot, is more than friendly, fluffy, and fun; he’s based on a real dog that lived aboard the USS YORKTOWN during WWII. The story goes that Scrappy was found roaming the docks of Pearl Harbor in 1943. YORKTOWN sailors spotted the Airedale and smuggled him aboard, knowing their captain wouldn’t approve. Once aboard, the spirited little dog was officially named Scrapper Shrapnel. He earned his nickname, Scrappy, challenging the roaring planes on the flight deck. Quickly a crew favorite, Scrappy eased stress and filled the hearts of hardworking sailors. In true mascot style, he even wore a custom-made life jacket and helmet.

Scrappy Appearances

Today, Scrappy’s a fun and friendly character for kids of all ages to enjoy – and he makes appearances! Book Scrappy for your special event by emailing scrappy@patriotspoint.org.

Watch Scrappy having fun at the Joe Riley Stadium.

  • Active Duty Military (ID required)
  • $17
  • In Person
  • Active Duty Military In Uniform
  • Free
  • In Person