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We offer a unique working environment onboard and landside of the historic aircraft carrier, USS YORKTOWN. Our staff has a passion for history, a strong respect for our nation's heroes, and a knack for southern hospitality.

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Patriots Point Development Authority will only recruit and accept applications for vacant positions. Please only apply to a position posted on this page or website given. Positions will be cross posted on various third party websites like: NEOGOV, Indeed.com or other various job boards. To apply, please follow to the instructions given as each application may vary.

Patriots Point is an equal opportunity employer actively committed to ensuring diversity in the workplace.

Job Postings

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    Most of our job openings go through NEOGOV. Please click the link below, then click filter, then click Agency and find Patriots Point Development Authority. If no jobs are listed, check back later!

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  • Security Specialist

    Assists in the protection of the Agency's property and, in a courteous and cordial manner, provides information and assistance to the Agency's visitors. Assist visitors in order to maintain a safe and friendly atmosphere while at the museum. Answer questions concerning the museum and surrounding area attractions. Assist with any special-needs requirements visitors may have. Routinely inspect ships and buildings for potential hazards to employees and visitors. Report unsafe conditions. Respond to fire alarms and medical emergencies in accordance with Agency policies. Provide traffic control when necessary. Patrol assigned areas in order to help prevent vandalism, theft or unsafe actions which might lead to injury. Report any problems to the shift supervisor. Maintain logs and prepare reports as required. Participate in regular training as provided, including but not limited to, safety, CPR, First Aid and medical/fire emergencies.

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  • Carpenter

    The purpose of this job is to perform required maintenance to assist in the preservation, renovation, and painting of the Museum’s displays, exhibits, and tour routes. The incumbent in this position will: Perform maintenance, preservation, and renovation work on aircraft, tour routes and all exhibits located anywhere on the property of Patriots Point, to include but not limited to ships, buildings, etc. This also includes supervising small groups and projects as directed, Plexiglas work and carpentry. Be responsible for maintaining an adequate inventory of exhibits shop supplies required to accomplish assigned work. Advise supervisor, in a timely manner, when additional supplies are needed. Maintain exhibits shop in accordance with Agency safety and cleanliness policies. Be required to work after normal working hours, rotations, on weekends, holidays, emergencies, and or special events. Be required to perform other duties as assigned to accomplish the mission of the Agency.

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  • Mechanic

    There are multiple vacancies for this position title. The incumbents will: Perform required, planned, and corrective maintenance and repairs to museum ships, buildings, grounds, and piers. Care for all equipment in operation by the staff and visitors of Patriots Point as well as some of the related exhibit artifacts. These items include, but are not limited to, heating and cooling, hydraulic, golf carts and gators, elevator systems, gate access devices, and aircraft on display as a part of the aircraft carrier visitor experience. Install and maintain any equipment necessary to keep the museum operational for staff and visitor use. Perform periodic maintenance on aircraft static displays which could include general metal repairs, spot painting, pressure washing, body shop type work, etc. Grasp situational problems quickly and acts, with proper instruction, as a problem solver. Act as part of a team and maintain/repair equipment as assigned. Adhere to all safety and environmental regulations required by the Agency. Perform other duties as assigned to accomplish the mission of the Agency.

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  • Painter

    There are multiple vacancies for this position title. The incumbents of this position will: Perform as a team member responsible for painting and preservation of the ships, buildings, and piers owned by Patriots Point Development Authority. Perform semi-skilled procedures including the ability to properly prepare the various surfaces for painting and utilizing equipment such as scrapers, chipping hammers, sanders, wire brushes, scalers, deck crawlers, and needle guns. Safely and properly use paintbrush techniques, rollers, and various spray equipment in the application of primers and finish coats. Perform preservation work and maintenance which includes high, vertical surfaces and other remote areas using appropriate scaffolding when required. Safely and properly dispose of waste products generated during painting operations IAW with PPDA policies and procedures. Adhere to and enforce safety and environmental regulations required by the Agency.

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  • Temporary Fire Safety Officer

    There are multiple vacancies for this position. The incumbents will: Serve as the first responders to accidents/injuries to guests, employees, and campers. Perform daily, monthly, and yearly life safety testing aboard the vessel. Provide safety briefings. Conduct fire evacuation drills. Adequately document all injuries. Perform other duties as assigned by the superintendent.

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  • Custodian

    There are 2 vacancies for this title. The incumbents in these positions: Plan, prioritize, and perform work tasks for assigned areas of responsibility, including but not limited to: office spaces, display rooms, passageways, restrooms, stairways, piers, berthing compartments, and sales areas. Sweep, mop, scrub, wax, and polish decks and floors. Vacuum rugs, carpets, and furniture. Dust furniture and fixtures. Empty trash and clean restrooms. Occasionally supervise assigned contractors and temporary employees hired to assist with cleaning all areas of responsibility. Supervise and assign tasks as shift leader during regular overtime events, on weekends, and on holidays. Inspect all assigned areas of responsibility daily for cleanliness, serviceability, and safety. Maintain the inventory of necessary supplies, requisitions supplies as needed, and submits maintenance requests when required. May be responsible for supervising the set-up of museum functions and events when required. Coordinate and direct outside vendors/contractors tasked to support special event functions. Maintain knowledge of safety practices, including knowledge of procedures to protect against bloodborne pathogens. Clearly understand and comply with all hazardous waste disposal regulations per agency guidelines.

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