Marine Science

Our Marine Science program provides an in-depth look at the ecosystem surrounding the ship and beyond. Hands-on activities let students become the scientists as they learn how to observe as researchers do. Students rotate through several stations including our outdoor classroom, indoor Education Center and wet lab where they get an up-close glimpse of our regional critters.

  • AGES 6-10

    Students will become familiar with the basics of salt water science including the dynamics and inhabitants of coastal and near-shore ecosystems. They will leave with an understanding of why oceans are important.

    Charleston Harbor and its geography along with key life science and earth science concepts will be demonstrated on our dock and with our unique AR Sandbox. The relationships between organisms and the food webs that connect them are explored through interactive games and group exercises in our education center. Students are introduced to regional organisms that LIVE in our wet lab with our DinoXcope microscopic projection system. Hands-on activities will teach students how to make observations like scientists.

  • AGES 11+

    Students will be introduced to the basics of oceanography with a focus on geological, physical, chemical and biological components. Students will explore why the ocean is important, what techniques are used to study our oceans, and what the information we receive from these techniques tells us.

    Students will also be introduced to our dynamic estuarine ecosystems including the coastal processes that shape it. Students will be introduced to the importance of coastal and ocean exploration, make quantitative observations and discuss this observation process with real data. Finally, students will have a meet and greet with regional fauna in our wet lab.

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