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Fourth of July Blast VIP and Flight Deck Tickets Sold Out, Landside Seating Still Available

Chris Hauff Jun 27, 2014

Flight deck tickets to this year’s 4th of July Fireworks Blast are officially sold out, however, there is still plenty of free landside seating available.

Those wishing to view the firework show landside will only have to pay a $10/vehicle parking fee.  There will be live music and entertainment for kids all evening.   Vendors will have food, beer and wine available for purchase.

Please remember to arrive early.  Parking will be available starting at 4 p.m.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that will be helpful as you plan your visit.

Is parking guaranteed?  

Parking is first come first serve for all guests no matter what ticket you have purchased.

2013 4th of July Blast

Are tickets still available?  

Flight Deck and VIP tickets are sold out, but landside seating is free and still available.  Please remember to bring chairs and come early.

How much is Parking?

Parking is $10/vehicle for everyone, even if you purchased tickets for the event. Parking is first-come, first-serve and the ticket is good all day.

Are there any ticket refunds if there is inclement weather?

All ticket sales are final. The fireworks will go off rain or shine.

Will credit cards be accepted at food/beverage vendors?

No, we will accept only cash. We will have several ATM’s available throughout the property.

What time will guests with a $30 or $75 ticket be allowed on the flight deck?

Guests may board the ship starting at 6 p.m.

What time will the museum close for General Admission ticket holders?

The last ticket to the museum will be sold at 4 p.m.  The museum will close at 5 p.m. Everyone will be required to leave the ship at that time.

Are coolers allowed on the ship?

No, coolers and outside food/beverages are not allowed on the ship or pier.

Will tables and chairs be provided?

Tables and chairs will only be provided to those who have purchased a $75 VIP ticket.

What time will the music begin?

For the landside celebration, live music will kick off at 5 p.m. with kids’ activities beginning at 4 p.m.  The music on the flight deck will begin at 6 p.m.

Is there a less expensive ticket option for children?

No, everyone will have to purchase a regular ticket.  Admission costs will only be waived for infants carried in their parents’ arms.

What areas are considered blind spots?

The fireworks will be shot from a barge in the Cooper River.  We have taken extra measures to ensure the barge is located in an area that will provide the highest visibility for our guests.  In addition, we will be placing signs on landside areas were viewing may be limited.

Are pets allowed?

No pets, except for service animals, are permitted at Patriots Point for the Fourth of July Blast.

Is there an elevator available for the handicapped?

Yes, and those that require assistance down the pier can be driven down on a golf cart.

What time will the fireworks start?

The sun is expected to set around 8:32 p.m.  The fireworks will begin once it is dark, which is normally by 9 – 9:15 p.m.

Can we tour the USS Yorktown after 6 pm?

Yes, July 4th Flight Deck ticket holders will be allowed to tour the Yorktown from 6-8 pm. Access to the other ships will not be allowed at that time.

What type of food and beverages will be available for sale?

Hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken fingers, wings, barbeque, pizza, snow cones, chips, popcorn, etc. There will be several beverages options like soft drinks, bottled water, lemonade, beer, and wine.

I purchased tickets but have not received them by email. What do I do?

First, check your junk mail box. If they are not there you can email [email protected] or call 843-884-2727 x 0. Please have the email address you used to purchase tickets. Having your order number is also handy.

Is there a military discount available for July 4th tickets?

Not for the event that night – the tickets are $30 for everyone. There is, however, an active and retired military discount for General Admission tickets

Is there a discount if I purchase both the General Admission and July 4th Event tickets?

No discounts are offered on July 4th Event tickets.

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63 thoughts on “Fourth of July Blast VIP and Flight Deck Tickets Sold Out, Landside Seating Still Available

  1. Jessica says:

    Just wondering if you sit at landside can you bring outside food for the 4th of July. Thank you

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      We will be allowing outside coolers for our landside guests only. The coolers will not be allowed on the USS YORKTOWN.

  2. Hillary says:

    If you are sitting landside, do you just show up and pick a spot to sit or is there a seating area? We are planning to make a day of it and tour the ship before the fireworks start, but I read that parking opens at 4, will we have to move our car from one area to another after we have toured the ship? Also,I know coolers are not allowed to flight deck, but are they allowed landside? Thanks!

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      Hi Hillary,

      On the 4th you will be able to pick your own spot. We will have parking attendants available to guide you. On Independence Day the Yorktown will close at 4 p.m. At that time you will have to head back down the pier towards your car. You don’t have to move your car; you just won’t be allowed on the ship anymore. Coolers will be allowed landside only.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Hillary says:

        This helps a lot! Thanks so much! Looking forward to it! 🙂

  3. Jackie says:

    We have a 10 month old. Are strollers allowed? We have flight deck tickets.

    1. Chris Hauff says:


      Strollers are allowed! Have a great week.

  4. Scott says:

    What type of kids activities will be available land side?

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      Hi Scott,
      We will have jump castles, face painting, helicopters and a Vietnam Ambulance for children to explore, and a science area set up with various displays.

  5. Lucy says:

    I know the landslide tickets are free, but don’t I still need to have a ticket? Can’t seem to find where to get them? Thanks!

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      Hi Lucy,
      No ticket is needed. Just remember to show up early on the 4th so that you can get a parking spot.

  6. Natalie says:

    We want to come to watch the show landside. We only have to purchase $10 parking fee for this or is there another ticket to buy for landside seating? Does this event typically sell out and if so, but what time typically?

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      Hi Natalie,
      No ticket is necessary. We will start parking people at 4 p.m. I would arrive as early as possible to ensure that you will have a good spot.

  7. greg says:

    we have flight deck tickets, do we have to arrive early to get a parking space or is there garaunteed parking for ticket holders?

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      I’m sorry if this was unclear. We are unable to guarantee that you will have a spot. We recommend arriving early. Parking for everyone, mo matter what ticket they have, will be first come first serve. Hope this helps.

  8. greg says:

    If we have flight deck tickets do we still have to arrive extra early to get a parking spot?

    1. jill says:

      Hello! When you say flight deck ticket holders will have a parking spot, is this all flight deck ticket holders or just VIP? We are wondering as well. We are on vacation here from Ohio. Thanks!

      1. Chris Hauff says:

        Hi Jill,
        Sorry if this was unclear. We are unable to guarantee that you will have a spot. We recommend arriving early. Parking for everyone, mo matter what ticket they have, will be first come first serve. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  9. John Alger says:

    We have flight deck tickets. Are camp chairs allowed on the flight deck? The fold up kind that fit in a bag.

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      Hi John,
      Yes, you can bring those chairs.

  10. Brian says:

    Will the fireworks be visible across the water, near the South Carolina Aquarium or Concord Street? Would love to park for the day a walk around Meeting Street and King Street and then not get in the car and watch from that area.
    thank you…

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      You will be able to see some of the fireworks, but the show is designed to be viewed from Patriots Point so your line of sight could be blocked at any time.

  11. We are disembarking from the Ft. Sumter Spirit of Charleston at 3:25. Is our parking at the same location so we can be assured a parking spot for the 4th of July fireworks landside seating?

    1. Chris Hauff says:


      You parking will be the same as it is for that cruise. You should be in the perfect spot.

      1. john says:

        Wanting to know with the hurricane moving in will there be a cancellation…..

        1. Chris Hauff says:

          Hi John,

          The storm is is expected to pass by Charleston on Thursday. On Friday, the celebration will be held rain or shine.

  12. AMIE says:

    Where is the best place for landside seating?

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      There is not a bad seat in the house! We have roped off any views that are blocked by trees or other structures.

  13. amanda says:

    I know they will have children activities in the area. What is the price range for these activities or are they free since we paid to get in?

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      The activities and music will be free.

  14. Jessica says:

    I know coolers are allowed but we have a mini grill and I was wondering if we could use that in the landslide seating.

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      Sorry, but the Fire Marshal prohibits any flame producing devices.

  15. Cat says:

    Are you allowed to ride bikes into Patriots Point?

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      Hi Cat,
      Yes, feel free to bike into Patriots Point Friday.

  16. Melissa Simondi says:

    We have purchased flight deck tickets but are now unable to go. We have some friends who want to buy them, however the bottom of the tickets say you have to bring ID and the Credit Card used for the purchase. Can anyone give any insight? Thanks!

    1. Alaina Cordes says:

      Hi Melissa- You are welcome to sell your tickets. The ID and credit card is just in case there is any confusion when redeeming tickets, but that won’t be a problem.

  17. Carol says:

    Will there be food vendors landslide?

    1. Alaina Cordes says:

      Hi Carol- Yes, there will be food vendors. Sticky Fingers, CiCi’s Pizza, Kona Ice and ice cream will all be available for purchase.

  18. leialoha says:

    Will there be food booths . This will be our first visit here

    1. Alaina Cordes says:

      Welcome aboard! Food from Sticky Fingers, CiCi’s Pizza, Kona Ice and ice cream will all be available for purchase tomorrow.

  19. Kristine Shawkey says:

    Our father in law decided to tag along on this trip and surprise us. He requires a service dog but did not bring any paperwork to offer proof. His dog has a stroller that completely constrains her, will we be allowed to bring the stroller with her in it to the landside area?

    1. Alaina Cordes says:

      If the dog is a registered service dog, they will be permitted landside. Glad he can join us!

  20. Kely Davis says:

    Are lawn chairs allowed land-side?

    1. Alaina Cordes says:

      They sure are. We recommend that everyone bring a chair.

  21. Terry says:

    We have a 3:30 appt for the ferry and will have purchased parking for this cruise will that ticket still be honored if we go grab supper after the cruise and return for the fireworks later in the evening?

    1. Alaina Cordes says:

      Hi Terry- This is a tough call. With you being on site early, you are going to have prime parking! My recommendation would be to plan on staying at Patriots Point, grabbing a meal from Sticky Fingers or CiCi’s and hanging out after your ferry. If you leave and come back, you may have to park further away. As this is special event, and a large one at that, I cannot guarantee that your paid parking will still apply. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  22. nancy says:

    What time will the fireworks begin?

    1. Alaina Cordes says:

      Hi Nancy- They will begin around 9-9:15pm depending on when the sun sets.

  23. Jim Newman says:

    Would love to come but don’t get off work until 6:30 from JI will i have enough time to get a landside spot and parking place …if no parking inside can i park somewhere else and walk in ? If you think it will be packed by 7 please let me know so i can plan to view elsewhere?

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      Hi Jim,

      As will fill up our parking lot we will open other lots nearby. You shouldn’t have a problem getting a parking spot.

  24. Anthony says:

    Once onboard, can we setup our chairs then tour the ship? Checking whether we can leave our stuff unattended(only chairs and blankets)

  25. Josie says:

    What kind of bathroom facilities are on site for landside viewing?

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      We have brought in plenty of portable toilets. There is also a permanent bathroom that will be available for use.

  26. Larry says:

    If I am staying at a hotel really close by can I just walk for free outside and save my money for food lol ? Or do I still have to pay?

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      The landside celebration is free. You would only have to pay $10 if you plan on parking here. Enjoy the show, and the food!

  27. Curt says:

    We have regular tickets for the fight deck fireworks. Am I correct that no chairs are provided and we must bring our own?

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      That is correct. Enjoy the show tonight!

  28. Anthony says:

    Can we setup our chairs and blanket and tour the ship upon arrival?

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      The USS YORKTOWN will be open until 5 p.m. After 5, we will clear the ship for the 4th of July Fireworks Blast. If you plan to tour the ship you will have to pay the regular museum admission price.

  29. Wanda says:

    We are vacationing here from Kansas. How do we get to the festivities?

    1. Chris Hauff says:

      Hi Wanda,
      Our address is 40 Patriots Point Road. If you are traveling across the Ravenel Bridge towards Mt. Pleasant, get off the bridge on the Coleman Blvd. side. At the light make a right on Magrath Darby and go straight until you see us!

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